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Grumpy Toolwasters



  • DouginatoR (US1)DouginatoR (US1) Posts: 30US1
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    lol @ atty 
       Douginator @ usa1
  • Let's be honest, US-1 is a much better place without GK. Shout out to MISC, y'all did us a favor by cleaning up what is left of them.
    The massive sub network did need to get broken up... but now they'll just consolidate further into existing families. RIP.
    Friedrich IV US1
    The Prodigal Scrub Returns

  • Atty pls

      Got a few nice hit there.  I commend you.  I got a nice one on me as well.  Its part of the game.  Wheres your leader tho.  LOL at Ruler Marshall.  What a cuck
  • A look at the war from the viewpoint of a pvp player overrun by hordes of eventers aided by a few good players:

    I wont be posting again, wont be dragged into a forum war. 

  • Theking6464 (US1)Theking6464 (US1) Posts: 68
    edited 04.12.2018

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  • DouginatoR (US1)DouginatoR (US1) Posts: 30US1
    edited 04.12.2018
    wow someone in elite arrows killed more than 1k troops
       apparently I'm dumb and dunno how to quote
       Douginator @ usa1

  • fancy
       Douginator @ usa1

  • fancy
    Lol do you run to the forum everytime you get a decent  hit?  Im sure theyre are some nice ones out there on you.

  • Lol do you run to the forum everytime you get a decent  hit?  Im sure theyre are some nice ones out there on you.
    It's a thread for BRs...or at least it started out as one, and that's what I will use it for except for a dumb remark here and there. Its a more than decent hit, but I'll post less often with more hits if that will make you happy : )
       Douginator @ usa1
  • No actually i started the thread its called Grumpy Toolwasters.  It refers to the fact that that all that you guys seem to do is tool waste.  Well that and share passwords 

  •   This is actually the funniest part of the war so far.  GK and Hitmen atleast hit some and defended.  These guys send a hit or two a week and full turtle while having that descript.  Well not totally true JohnnyRomance will hit.  Grilled bear n the rest are kinda lame tho

  •    Douginator @ usa1
  • hionmentho (US1)hionmentho (US1) Posts: 275US1
    edited 06.12.2018
    I'd post our recent BRs but nobody wants to see 500 toolwasted hits.
  • Hey dougie....you forgot to post your 4am TBs needed before you launched.  Try defending once and a while...you poo.
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1
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