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Our Plans for Q4 2018

BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 200

Fierce Warriors,

We’re already nearing the end of September and thus also the beginning of this year’s fourth quarter (Q4). We think it is a good time to let you know up front about what’s still coming into Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms until the end of this year. Are you excited?

Well, without further ado, the following is a short list of features and adjustments yet to come during the course of the next months.

Plans for October 2018

Two New Time-limited Events for Empire: Four Kingdoms

  • The Four Kingdoms will get two well-known but yet new events, the original Samurai Invasion and the War of the Bloodcrows!

  • This is part of our efforts to bring both our games into parity in terms of features, providing you with the same compelling experience both on browser and mobile.

  • The current Samurai Invasion will be replaced with the new one. You have to defeat Samurai camps and gain Samurai tokens as loot which can be used to get awesome rewards. The War of the Bloodcrows will be similar to our War of the Realms (and the old Samurai Invasion), these castles will be based on the armies and defenses of lords and ladies from other servers. The glory you can win during this event will earn you valuable prizes.

Trick or Souls - Halloween is approaching!

  • Watch out, there’s a special Halloween Player versus Player event coming (for us)!

    • You will be able to steal special Halloween currencies - called souls - from each other!

    • Event rewards will depend on the number of collected souls (the higher the better)

    • As a defender, you won’t lose any troops, but your “souls” can be stolen by the attacker!

Further Implementations:

  • Attacks Autofill Revamp

    • The new autofill will allow you to customize the maximum strength of tools used by the system, giving you the option to choose the highest tool category you want to use, such as wood, premium, elite and event tools.

  • We are going to implement certain filters in Empire which will help you to navigate faster:

    • There will be filters for your Attack Screen-, as well as a new filter for your Equipment Screen

  • We have also received a lot of feedback regarding how sabotages are currently handled. Thus, we will limit the amount of sabotages that can be done to improve your quality of life in our games.

  • Based on your feedback, we worked on some improvements for the Decoration Forge:

    • The new Quick Guide provides you with a summarized overview of how the Decoration Forge works and what you will need for its fusion process. (This has already been implemented in Empire)

    • In addition, we are also rebalancing the Decoration Forge and based on your feedback we are going to improve the overall cost/ benefit!

Plans for November 2018

Introducing The Kingdom's League!

  • We are excited to introduce the Kingdom’s League for both Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms! This brand new League System is designed to enhance your competitive gaming experience in our events.

  • The Kingdom’s League unlocks on level 10. From that moment on, everyone can join the current "active" Season to compete and climb the League leaderboard to collect the best rewards!

  • You will compete in smaller groups in the League and not against every player on your level bracket, allowing every participant the opportunity to compete for the best rewards.

  • To participate and progress in the League you just need to participate in our major events. You will collect your normal event points that will allow you to climb both on the event and on the League leaderboard.

  • With the Kingdom's League, we are also introducing a new rewards layer to the events, allowing you to collect the current event rewards plus exclusive League rewards on top. You are going to get exciting new rewards when you are promoted to a new League when an event ends and at the end of the Season. The higher you get on the League leaderboard, the better your rewards will be across the board.

  • To give an example of the exciting rewards we have in the cards for you, Season end rewards will consist of Legendary Buildings, powerful new structures that will offer you a unique combination of already existing and completely new effects.

  • There’s a lot more news coming soon about the Kingdom’s League, so stay tuned! As always, we would love to read your questions and comments on this.

War of the Realms/Bloodcrows castle improvement

  • We will improve the way our current castles in our main events “War of the Realms” and “War of the Bloodcrows” work. We will implement an additional option to reroll your castles if you’re not content with your set of castles in the game.

Additional Subscription Bonuses

  • We will add a temporary increased storage space to our subscriptions
  • Tired of seeing your castle going down in flames? Worry no more, as the subscription will now give you a burning castle protection on top of all the extra benefits it already provides. This means that your castle won’t catch fire by sabotages or attacks as long as your subscription is active. special tokens! The way those tokens will work is that you would have to use them whenever your castle is burning. So by using one token, you would not extinguish all fires forever, but you would rather have to use tokens on a regular basis, once your castles/buildings are burning. So you would not only be able to extinguish the fires with the help of rubies, but also with the help of those special tokens! Players who choose to purchase the subscription package will receive a specific amount of said tokens.

Further Implementations:
  • The Shapeshifter vendor is en vogue and other vendors will follow! What does that mean? It is pretty simple, we will gradually update our vendors/traders with the same layout as you can already see in the Shapeshifter shop (tabs/filters). This is an ongoing process and we will start with the Equipment Trader.

Plans for December 2018

Royal Capitals 

  • We are working hard to bring back one of your main requests, the Royal Capitals event. As it has been quite a while since this event was run for the last time, we are doing some tweaks to bring it live as soon as possible.

Battle for Berimond

  • Similar to the Royal Capitals, we want to fix the Battle for Berimond event so you can finally conquer the capital of your opposing faction again! Oh, and we have some further improvements planned for the future too, so stay tuned for more news!

Further Implementations:
  • We will improve our current nobility contest rewards

  • We will improve our Hospital so that you’d be able to choose on your own which troops you want to heal first

  • We will enable you to actually use editable text in our current traders, making it easier to select items in bulk.

  • We will also work on a system that prevents your precious and hard-fought event rewards (items) from being deleted due to a full inventory. Additionally, we are also aware of rewards adversely affecting your game experience, such as rewarded troops who consume the food of your main army. We are also looking into this in the future.

You can discuss everything in the upcoming update in this thread here - looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the this roadmap!
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  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 200
    Fierce warriors, 

    We gathered your additional feedback on the changes we previously announced (fire extinguish by tokens). 

    The amount of tokens that you'll be able to receive through our subscription will be limited. 
    At the same time all known options for extinguishing fires in our games will of course be kept the way they are right now. This means that extinguishing fires with the help of those special tokens will be just an additional option on top. 

    There's an addition to the tokens though:
    We are also going to implement the chance to obtain those special tokens for non-subscribing players: 
    Bit by bit those tokens will be implemented into our list of rewards in the events. This means that the tokens will be obtainable throughout all point ranges. All players will have a chance to get them! 

    This implementation will happen after the respective subscription bonus got released. 

    Once again, thank you very much for your feedback and your suggestions on this topic! 

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family 

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