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Discussion Thread: New Event: The Outer Realms



  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,730

    are you serious?

    flug @ nl 1
  • Great event, but it is full load of crap :)
    Seriously thinking if this game is any worth of money, not one dime spent yet...
  • Kage (ASIA1)Kage (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,943
    I might be rushing with what i want to say, since this is a test run of the event, and gge maybe has other ideas when the real event will run.... 
    The concept of the new event is pretty good. It's a pretty good idea, but the event needs to be adjusted everywhere.
    But for the love of god... don't make us to start from scratch.... from 0.. and to get this while we're playing

    (Sorry if my game is in Romanian and not in english, sadly asia 1 couldn't have acces to the event, so i made a quick new acc on romanian server).... 
    Anyway.. if you want this event to be played by us, start doing some readjustments, the time for building is the same for every building like in real servers. Same the price to build them... same resources.
    Also, players start from level 0, from the tutorial and nothing else...
    It will take too much time for players to build up an entire new account, with what?
    Robber barrons and no other events around?
    Give the players a good start, a commander/cast/tools/coins, or another idea, the accounts should start from level 70.
    I understand that gge wants to make money, but the way they did this event... is only for ruby players. 

    ] - asia 1 / Second player on power -   - 2.8m power - Oct. 04. 2019 

     I'm a ghost, but i'm still here.
     To be continued....

  • Contra (US1)Contra (US1) US1 Posts: 54
    I was willing to give it a try...BUT after 10 minutes it froze up.  Now I can't get back in..  

    One more event full of bugs.
    Contra @ usa 1
    "Therefore, we devised a different solution where we can control the process of player’s progression more easily to keep the motivation of players for a longer period and enjoy their gaming experience."   GGS regarding the Nov 2017 Update

    Translation: We are restricting player progress making it slower to achieve your goals, more frustrating and boring. We expect you to enjoy.

  • BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
    I'm just mildly amused that so many players have already bought the master summoner set there on the 2 day stress test
    fujiwara @ en-1
    fujiwara @ us-1

  • GONZA (PT1)GONZA (PT1) PT1 Posts: 679
    Why am I not being able to return to my main castle?
  • AMK2598 (US1)AMK2598 (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    The game has locked me out of playing by trying to get into the "new" realm, so unlock it!
  • I take it the Master equipment set and hero will be lost once the event ends.
    tollyman @ en 1
  • sjc (IN1)sjc (IN1) IN1 Posts: 160
    we can't even return to the main castle from outer realms. the entry/exit itself is bugged.

    got in by changing server to some random server and back to my home server. Is this how the event is constructed?

    sjc @ in 1
  • adam12 (US1)adam12 (US1) US1 Posts: 16
    I was having fun, but dont know how to get back in as it says my password is wrong. username wrong?
    never made a password
    adam12 @ usa 1
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    For players who haven't entered might help to give you a sense of what's involved.  Basically the event winds back the clock to when you first started except this time when you develop your account you are doing it a lot faster.  The might points interestingly don't seem to exactly tie to the event rankings which seem to use a slightly different event scoring system.  I think European players started first and US players look just to be coming through now.  Some alliances came en masse and joined together others look to have split with players picked up based on performance.  The initial max is 15 players per alliance with some alliances have upped that to seventeen.  The leading alliance in the standings is a Russian Alliance OAKB (not the actual spelling but as close as I could get).  A lot of players who I think bought the shapeshifter commander seem to have an extra 10K might points.  This doesn't seem to count towards the score though just give you a boost in attacking towers and I guess other players.  There are four players in ice including me so far and that created an initial RV spawn.  Capitals, Kings towers, metros are all available in green and are gradually being taken. Spy reports at this level fail a lot and managing resources and coins effectively are key.  Hitting towers as ever seems important and protection is realm specific.  The top player currently is a french player and top french players seem to have come out in force.  Communication is a little more challenging but it is workable.  Tactically two days is challenging to make much progress and the event favours players with more time and more money but it is a nice reimdner of where we all started.  I have to admit it is six years plus since I was at this level and a lot has changed so I made a few mistakes.  It is an interesting challenge though but ultimately once top alliances work it out it will be harder for smaller players.  
    Batten @ en 1
  • dliu3 (US1)dliu3 (US1) US1 Posts: 461
    I feel this is just another event to bump up ruby players. And each server should have their own thing. I definitely would like it to be much longer, and just drop the tutorial. We know how to play lol.
    Proudly a member of Kings All on US1!

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    (thanks @Link c0p (GB1) )

    Can we talk about games thats not gge yet? Or is this still north korea?
    Pease be polite!
    As you may know, Boo Masters is the ony aliance officially recognized by the DPRK Gaming Cub (North korea).
    Why would you call our sponsor a "dictatorship?"
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  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,839
    can you buy res?  decos?  equipment etc then ? 
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Peter John (US1)Peter John (US1) US1 Posts: 837
    I was willing to give it a try...BUT after 10 minutes it froze up.  Now I can't get back in..  

    One more event full of chits.
    Fix it for ya...
  • This is not new anything. This is starting over building a new castle. Regurgitating the same crap does not constitute new events. Once again you have put lipstick on a pig. Why in the world would anyone want to start over in this game? This sucks.
    It seems some mod with a Napoleon Complex likes deleting people's signatures. Get a life. I called you on your BS and you single me out. Again. Get a life.

    Not buying a single ruby. Not feeding the gluttonous pig known as GGE. You have lost our trust!
  • eibbed62 (AU1)eibbed62 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 394
    I tried this "new" event. Logged in, built my castle up to level 6, supposedly had 524 might points, but the stats board only showed 27. (How does that work?). Went back to my MC to get some stuff done, and now can't log back in to the outer realms. Not sure I really want to since the start up progress is very slow. Interesting to have 7 days start up protection when the event only lasts another 1.5 days. Somehow I really don't think I'll bother going there again.
    eibbed62 @ au 1
  • Kage (ASIA1)Kage (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,943
    can you buy res?  decos?  equipment etc then ? 
    Yea you can buy the shape set for 20k rubyes... that's one offer, that i got .
    ] - asia 1 / Second player on power -   - 2.8m power - Oct. 04. 2019 

     I'm a ghost, but i'm still here.
     To be continued....

  • Shares (AU1)Shares (AU1) AU1 Posts: 575
    btw I entered it and found you can run it in a sep tab but need to refresh at times.. sorry if Im preaching to the converted! 
    Shares @ au 1
  • After leveling up a bit in the test run and joining an alliance, the reset and I have not ben all to get back on th TR site, or my manin account.  I had a bit over 10,000 troops at main that have surely desserted by now.  Can someone restore my acocunt access and replace the troops I had at main bfore this happened?

    Death Has no Dominion
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