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has any thought been given to developing a 1 on 1 challenge mode?

the option to challenge another player to a one on one battle or series of battles (best 2 out of 3 for example).  something that would keep alliances out of it and allow 2 individual players to go at it.  1 player could issue a challenge to another and the the other player could accept or decline.  the main thing would be to prevent other players form interfering.


  • I would like that! But i think its a hard thing to make. 
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  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) Posts: 767US1
    you don't need an event for that...

    If you want to do this, find someone who you'd think would have a good matchup against you, message them, and if they agree to it, send mass messages to your alliances instructing DNS HIT FROM [PLAYER NAME]
    Else find another person

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  • doesn't always work that way.  an option in the game would keep both participants honest
  • zaxx (US1)zaxx (US1) Posts: 106
    About the best way to do it  ( with out it escalating )  is just challenge a player from a friendly alliance , if  they agree . then both of you leave your alliance  launch your attacks play the out come , then return to your alliances . 
    You could even have some rules like , no ruby  siege and defence weapons and or no horrors or ( check boxes ) 
    could be a good way to try different attacks and def  set ups ,   rss could be sent to the respective combatants .
    If gge  bad a challenge mode like this then  honour and glory would be nullified or have that option tobe nullified . 
    Real world has war games , this would be a variation of that . 
    Could work ,   could give all the players that are afraid of conflict i.e farmers a chance to get into the pvp and event aspects of the game  , perhaps getting them more active in the both . 
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