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#3 update

So what happened to the shadow king being reworked to a 90/90 as part of the #3 update?
Also seen we have a "are you sure button" for the presets, not sure whats more inconvenient, fixing the mistake or closing a box each time. How about that ruby skip button?? If I ever had a complaint that's it.
adam12 @ usa 1


  • adam12 (US1)adam12 (US1) Posts: 12US1
    adam12 @ usa 1
  • janina1 (US1)janina1 (US1) Posts: 49US1
    I believe this refers to shadow mercenaries.
  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) Posts: 769US1
    @adam12 (US1)
    The shadow lord is not the shadow king.
    Shadow lord (the one getting buffed) is the commander for the shadow mercenaries.
    Accidentally spent some thousands of rubies? (I did last night) Loot harder. Go on a grind to fix your mistake.
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