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Buildings that are useless and the poor designed.

I sure it's been discussed before and posted before still here is my thoughts about those 2 specific buildings.

Hospital, for real why do this one exist not only is the healing time 3 times slower but the cost 2 heal is also 3 times higher.
on top of that ruby soldiers overwrite normal soldiers and they also cost ruby to heal it's almost the most useless building you can buy for ruby.

The most useless building the Bastion
for real! 20 soldiers.... and then ruby cost to upgrade don't need to waste more words on this one other then being a noobtrap consider they also can't be removed. poor game choose btw.

at least make the hospital healing cost vs the recruitment cost sense after all you only need to heal a human not reforge the whole gear.
Bastion at least start with 400 soldier space or something if you wanna make money building's need to be useful not useless.

herietta @ nl 1


  • Kage (ASIA1)Kage (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,943
    How's the hospital useless?
    I've seen players being attacked, he had 9k attack army in cy, he lost all of them in the raport, but in cy he still had 3k. 

    About Bastion, is a good building during wars. No, not for main castles, or kingdoms, but for outposts. The price to upgrade the building is expensive yeah.... well that's the part of the game, anyway.
    About outposts, you can avoid losing the outpost if the enemy tries to capture it during the night, or when you're offline, with the 32 soldiers, a fast travel speed cast.

    These are just some options to see why the buildings have some good impact to the game, but there are other that really doesn't need to be in the game. (willow of experience, drill ground, university) and hideout, but most of these buildings have the option to be "Demolished" but not all of them, like willow of experience, which is the main problem for some of my locations, where i have it. And is a pain in the .... since even support doesn't want to remove it..

    And about this

    From what i know, and heard. GGS is going to make such a feature in the game, same for food shortages. But since is a little mechanic in the game, is not so important, so it will be changed later in the game, i hope..
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     I'm a ghost, but i'm still here.
     To be continued....

  • about the Outpost it's nonsense you need to capture a outpost for 24 hours before you conquer it so the Bastion not gonna do much good so the active player have more then enough time to recapture it.
    herietta @ nl 1
  • lol what the hell are you talking about?

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