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Mass alliance why do they exist?

why do Goodgame not step up and stop this nonsens? it's unhealthy for there game number of reasons why.

they have absolute power nobody can challenge them they are many and they are legend (which is really really bad)
nobody outside the alliance can complete with events why is bad for goodgame again (no money buyers for rubby's
the whole server get converted into a single entity at the very long run

so my few advies to stop this.
nerf the amount of people that can be active within a all Clan from 65  all the way to down to 25 max.
nerf the amount of Pacts a alliance can make at least with 50%
more action from the devs i seen alliance of 4x65 people this can't be right (how i know they all the same they all share the same name only a number behind it)

herietta @ nl 1


  • krs25 (GB1)krs25 (GB1) Posts: 21
    edited 01.08.2018

    1. anyone can beat the top alliances with good tactics. the amount of people in an alliance is fine it does not need  lowering  aswell more money you put in the game more likely as a player to be top 50s for events 

    2. i have seen small alliances in top 5 of events  . If you push for an event then you have a chance of wining it 

    3. have a war 
  • The whole server getting converted is sort of a ridiculous concept. There are too many families on any server to allow one to get to big. The closest I've seen was HIVE and they were gone faster than my browser history. 
  • ken.n (US1)ken.n (US1) US1 Posts: 136
    HIVE will be back we are just waiting for Wild Bill to put down his beer and lead them back to the glory days,
    ken.n @ usa 1

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