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ang1243 (GB1)ang1243 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,834

Hey everyone,

Today - I’ve got some personal news rather than the usual update notes.

As one door opens, another closes - for me, this is goodbye :/ That goes for all of you - after posting this, I’m not planning to login to the forums, the game, Skype, or any other contact with the game - I’ll check back here to read comments though (good and bad ;)) so feel free to post them below.

Some quick stats:

  • Been playing the game for 5 years now, I started in August of 2013

  • Started as a moderator in October 2016

  • Joined the forum community in 2013

  • As of this post I still haven’t overtaken @Graycat (US1) in the All time forum rankings (hopefully this will change that with any reactions)

Firstly, I’d like to thank all of you reading this post - as the forum community, for the past  22 months while I’ve been a moderator, and before that for almost 3 years of enjoyment being a part of the community on here as well. It’s been quite a journey - and there’s a few of you around that have been on it with me the whole way - so a shout out to you - you know who you are.

By the time you read this, you’ll already have heard from me - but I’d like to thank the moderator team for being such a great bunch of peeps - not just the EN mods, but all of the international moderators who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for these past months - on a note to you lot, I know this role can be extremely challenging sometimes, but the community should really appreciate the work you do for them - without you the community would suffer - so keep it up! As for some feedback: you really need to make your voice heard as much as possible - and do it together! Not just as individual communities - working together as a group of language communities will make your voices easier for the CMs to use as a mandate to take to the team at GGS - just some food for thought anyway!

Now, for those of you on the UK server (feel free to skip if not interested in this bit) I’ve been playing alongside (but not from Odins) for all of these years. I know a heck of a lot of you think that you hate me ;) but I’m not some evil guy set out to destroy a server - what would be the point in that? Nah - some of you need to wake up to the fact that PvP is a core aspect of the game - and that rules restricting it won’t stop those who really want to do it - so it’s best to discuss any rules properly with people if you want a majority of player following the same player created ‘code’ - otherwise you’ll just lead to more problems.

I don’t think the ‘UK 1 Code of Conduct’ has all that long left in it - you need to work together to create something new which works for a wider majority of players - otherwise it’ll all fall down and nobody will know what anyone else is following. Y’all need to have less animosity in all these server rooms on Skype or whatever - it doesn’t help that some people are speaking volumes with silence - but y’all need to have less of those snide comments, etc. I can’t say I’ve been innocent of getting caught up in all this - as I’m sure many of you will testify to the fact that I got carried away in some discussions in one of the rooms in the latest Odins war ;) But just because someone is better with words than someone else doesn’t mean that the first person should be called out for lying just because the second person didn’t understand it for example :D

Now - a quick view of the top end of the UK server from my perspective:

CG - Cut the crap you lot - you’ve been spiralling into a worse version of the alliance you once fought to remove from the server because of their actions - and have just turned into the new BSK - multi accounting and account sharing out the wazoo along with just muscling your way into the situation you want at any point.

Prae - Cut the crap too - You try and be the server police - which is a move which helps nobody - especially when you’re no better than the rest of them - admittedly, you don’t break the code of conduct, etc. as often as other alliances - but that’s just because you’re more focussed on events, etc. IMO - RE: Multi accounting/account sharing/bot use, etc. Look up Matthew Chapter 7 Verse 3-5 some time…

Odins - I’ve said some stuff to you which is more my opinion of what’s going on already - and I’ll come back to you in a bit - but for now in this section - You’re an awesome PvP alliance - but don’t forget that - and don’t exploit it, no need to get dirty in PMs when you can wipe the smile off someone’s face with a single hit lol.

TRT - There’s a lot you guys do wrong IMO - too ‘proud’ and stubborn IMO - need to be more fluid as an alliance - You have some of the right ideas - but don’t get too cocky - and don’t create so much distrust through your actions or hold too many grudges… Learn from your mistakes - not sure you’ve done this much in the past.

Real Steel/Wanderers/DefiantValkyrie/Steel elite - Do something interesting and individual - don’t just go with the flow! Life’s interesting - and varied - this game is part of life :D There’s only so much herd immunity can cover - need to show you’re strong independent players.

All of you should speak up and back up those words with actions - the problems on this server aren’t mid-way up the top 10 rankings - they’re the top 2 IMO - so y’all can sort that out if you work together :D

UK Server section ends here

Community management:

You’re the voice of the community in GGS - there’s other voices out there you can combine yourselves with though to improve the game for players. I think players would also really appreciate it if you were able to find the time every now and then to make an appearance on behalf of GGS in some of the other forums beyond the German forum - however I understand there are limitations on time, etc. Along with this, @”Manta Birostris” already does a great job in the Technical assistance section of the forum as Bugwatch - I really appreciate your work Manta - keep it up! :D

I’ve already mentioned it to you - but you were close to the right sort of idea with the roundtable calls - not quite right though, and it needs to be in English so that all communities have a higher chance of understanding it - and don’t overpromise!

Game Design team

You have so many opportunities to work with players - get moderators involved early in the process and have them give you feedback on how they think it’ll work more - they’re going to shoot holes in it - but that’s what we need at an early stage - so try and sort it out! You can even look at a closed beta sort of thing again in the future - but it needs a massive overhaul - combined with the suggestion with getting moderators involved early it could actually work.

Every player reading this

Don’t give GGS too much hate - if you don’t like something - vote with your feet - leave the game, or stop spending on an event, don’t just kick up a fuss on here - do something to show them you don’t like something - don’t just say you don’t.

Equally, when you like something - SAY YOU LIKE IT & SHOW YOU LIKE IT! The data from you showing you like something will show GGS’ geeks that the feature is a good one - and the positive feedback will give a nice little morale boost to your moderator/CM team.

Get constructive with the forum! The forum isn’t just for mudslinging or posting your feedback about features - it’s so much more, I’d have loved to see more of the following in my time as a mod:

  • Constructive feature ideas - well thought out ideas you share with the community here on the forum and then receive feedback on yourself

  • DATA! We love a good list in Empire - I think my Guides, Tips & References section is testament to my personal love of these things - create them yourself - we’d love to see more of them!

  • Ideas for the forum - Mods & CMs will always want to see more ideas from you guys on how to improve the forum - as we know it’s far from perfect, I’ve tried my best to improve a lot of things around here with usability and guides, etc. but it would be great to hear some of your ideas too.

In the end - this is the end for me :D As I say - I’ve enjoyed my time playing this game and moderating the forum for you guys - but it’s time for me to move onto other things - I hope you guys enjoy some of the things I know are coming up for you all - some of them are worth sticking around for - but I think as a community you need to push more to be heard - we’ve managed this sometimes - but it’s taken massive community collaboration - so make it happen peeps! You’ve got a great EN mod team left after me - rally them and help them to fight the good fight!

As mentioned above, I will read through your comments - so please do comment below this post - and I hope that I’ve been the moderator you needed me to be for the past 22 months.

Cheers (for one last time),


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Check out my website with loads of cool tips about GGE: http://www.ultimategge.co.uk



  • Sorry to see you leave ang and I hope everything goes good for you in whatever road that you travel. It has been nice knowing you. Good luck.   Bob
  • kajacro (GB1)kajacro (GB1) GB1 Posts: 217
    I'd like to thank you for the work you've done with your tips and guides, your ultimate list etc on the forum - personally I use them a lot. Plus your breakdowns of new equipments etc. Most of all you've worked at keeping us informed.  :)
    kajacro @ en 1
  • Freydis (GB1)Freydis (GB1) GB1 Posts: 4

    Good luck in your future adventures Ang, I know you will go on to bigger and better things.

    Thank you for your help since I've been in Odins it's been much appreciated.

    I  know I speak for us all when I say we'll miss you x

  • PJH_ (GB1)PJH_ (GB1) GB1 Posts: 352
    Wow - big hole left but all the best for the future,
  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 710
    Good luck in future never played alongside you but it's only a game.

  • Good to know someone that High in the food chain has something else to do and do not suffering for GGE addiction,

     We in SE , the middle of a pile, do know it is PVP game , but not much into 24/7 aspect of it as top 5 do taking it, Some veterans 6+ 8+ years in, are just enjoying the place as a whole. as you shall do too.

     On the up note you did Very good, and all of us did bad things too including you :)

    Personally I will sleep well knowing I do not to wander is Ang GGE spy or not lol

    All the best Ang




  • thank you for your great work. i very much agree with everything you said in your post here. people really need to get more involved in the community, not just posting hate when a bad update comes, but actually doing something about it to demonstrate it. and we also gotta post more ideas more often. be relentless.

    you will be missed BM ang1243!
    GGS does not care about your feedback because most just keep buying rubies anyway!! this game is addictive and they know it. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP BUYING, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. don't say you're upset, SHOW THEM YOU'RE UPSET!!!!

    the same applies to all walks of life. many who are greedy get away with it because we allow it to continue. we give them their power because we choose not to stand against it as a whole. some do, but it's not enough. people need to learn that they hold the power, and they can take that power away.
  • UD1 (INT1)UD1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,351
    edited 27.07.2018
    All the best Angus . please share your detox program to us how you can stop Empire just like that. but i wish you well in your future .

    Angus before you go what happen with the football contest you ran

    Post edited by UD1 (INT1) on
  • Death77 (US1)Death77 (US1) US1 Posts: 66
    Ang take care thanks for all the news stuff GL with life wish you all the best Ang





  • TempranceTemprance Posts: 858
    Thanks Ang, I will finally have the chance to post Update info before you do  lol :p 

    Nah, on a serious note, you were scarily devoted to the community, to posting everything asap, and to aiding in passing off feedback from the players to the CMs. GGS owes you for all your volunteered time tbh. It was a pleasure working here with you after the US/EN forum merger. Now there's one less person for players to blow off steam on  :(

    Once again, Good luck irl and in your future endeavors!!


    Temprance @ usa 1
  • marc58 (GB1)marc58 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 836
    Good bye Ang and good luck in the future, enjoyed your short stay in RX.

  • Good bye Ang, and good luck in real life, we will miss u :'(
    And thanks for your website
  • douwew (NL1)douwew (NL1) NL1 Posts: 157
    Good luck @BM ang1243  

    We will miss you!
    Glory record
    douwew @ nl 1

  • You will be sadly missed by so many.... i wish you the very best Angus ;)
  • Grunt3 (US1)Grunt3 (US1) US1 Posts: 36
    Sad day for sure!!!

    Grunt3 @ usa 1
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