Tell The Forums The Stupidest Reason You Were Thrown Out Of An Alliance

Well fellow forum warriors I've got to say I've been pretty entertained with the world of GGE today. I've heard all kinds of stories from low levels on why they were thrown out of some alliance or another. So old server vets and green players please make my day and tell me the story of why you or someone you know was thrown out of an alliance for stupid reasons.


  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 775
    several years ago, there was a player (can't remember who) tried to cap an OP of one of my alliancemates. Some low level noob.
    We messaged to recall, supported, nothing. Cap lands, fails miserably. His alliance eventually realizes, kicks him out. He founds his own alliance, fills with a couple alts. Level 30 now, tries again to cap, even after being told previously that OP caps are highly frowned upon. Gets crushed again. We repeat sabo the whole alliance, burn him, etc.
    Tries again at level 50.

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  • Lady Nym (US1)Lady Nym (US1) US1 Posts: 397
    I started a new account on different server (wanted to check server out) and got kicked out one night. When i asked why, they said that i had to be a spy because i was ACTIVE. I honestly didn't know that hitting event to feed all the troops GGE gives to newbies makes you a spy.
  • I am most definitely the victim of getting kicked out for no reason whatsoever from multiple alliances.

    Big bullies I tell ya.

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