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Garbage Blood Crows and Foreign Invaders

you people have to fix this absolute garbage, so far during this event, I have not seen a castle over 400 troops, it's like I'm a level 30 again. 

Are you just making it like this so people have to spend a small fortune to get anywhere? 

Is anyone else noticing it's getting worse with each event? 


  • Kage (ASIA1)Kage (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,943
    welcome to my life, where i get only 500 and 600 castles :)
    ] - asia 1 / Second player on power -   - 2.8m power - Oct. 04. 2019 

     I'm a ghost, but i'm still here.
     To be continued....

  • I don't really believe GGE listens on this forum, but I agree with the thoughts on this thread. Used to be after several hits on these lousy castles I would finally get a couple good ones to hit; these days its all lousy castles. Pretty bad when robber baron castles offer more than a win on the invaders. You have cut the resources given, cut the glory given. What is it you think is working with this plan? This game has turned into one of the worst to play. Forcing ads down our throats every two minutes, lousy events and then a survey saying how are we doing. lol with each month gge you do worse and worse. Every promise you have made has been broken. No one likes the  shapeshifters but you present it almost constantly and we put up with it to get the equipment.
    ladykailea @ usa 1
  • Same sh*it here..
    GGE gets every day lots of claims from players and do nothing about this
    They are destroying this game..or they destroyed it already
  • neuterable (US1)neuterable (US1) US1 Posts: 757
    It makes perfect sense, if they are copying castles in whatever country they are supposed to be from, that server is probably filled with people who already quit the game t00.
    neuterable, shameless slaughterer of peasants, collector of princesses and fan of homestuck

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