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Why can't GGS make Berimond longer? The event only runs for a few days and neither side can even get close to the capital. And if by some miracle one side does get to the capital there's no way they're going to defeat it. I think they should run the event until someone does win or at least make it a lot longer than it is right now.


  • Anshal_ (IN1)Anshal_ (IN1) Posts: 28IN1
    or at least lower the number of victories needed to defeat watchtowers
  • They don't want you to defeat it. If you defeat the berimond capital the entire server will crash. And because we don't wanna fix that glitch the capital is reset with 1.2 million troops every 30 minutes. With 300k troops split up on all three parts of the wall. 

    (No I'm not joking)
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