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I like equipment , BUT when is it enough .

We can go everymonth for new equipment surely, i know we can delete it but that defeats the point of aquiring it. This game just cant be about winning equipment and then discarding it .

That would be a complete waste of time and effort , we might as well save all the rubies and buy god commanders . the rest are just inferior to the rest . so i am guess i am saying the game needs a New Dynamic, not sure what we need , but i said before instead of dishing out constant equipment , we should be able to get TOKENS. 

Which we can exchange for equipment using the new power equipment buying equipment from 1 to 9  depending on cost and the ammount of tokens you have aquire. so before you panic about rubies purchase they will still happen because you still have to complete the LTPE, so no issues there.

but please no more conveyor belt equipment , because we are running out of room . Just my thoughts on the endless equipment 


  • Taggart (US1)Taggart (US1) US1 Posts: 548
    My theory is, the game is appealing to an audience which uses minimal effort to play - you might be skilled and focused, but the game is appealing to weaker players, that's why it might seem for you that you are spoonfed equipment

    ^ reached at level 18.
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    I'm the Sandravlc from ye olde days. Been here since 2014...
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  • eibbed62 (AU1)eibbed62 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 376
    edited 08.07.2018
    I remember the days when we used to have to check all the equipment we looted from towers and other attacks, to see if any of it would be better than the ones we were using. Then we had to improve it for exorbitant amounts of coins with techno dude. Then we had to mix and match and forge our gems and equipment until we had the best commanders and castellans possible. It took time and skill to get a good com/cast (much less many good coms/casts). It took constant attention not to fall behind. 

    I miss those days.

    eibbed62 @ au 1

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