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Forum Contest - Football Quiz!

BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836

Hello guys!

Do you have some time between the World Cup games? Good! We've got just the right activity for you! Help your community to reach a high score and get the chance to win great rewards.

The current Quiz



Wow! That was fast! Quiz number 1 has already been completed - you can find Quiz number 2 above!

We'll need at least 100 submissions this time! It's going to be hard but we can do it - good luck everyone - get quizzing!

That was a quick one again! You smashed the threshold - over 350 submissions! Now we've got a high threshold to break through to reach the goal and complete the competition we'll need over 500 this time! So tell your alliance members! Get your Granny to play keepy-uppies and keepy-up the quiz (Sorry I know that was terrible - but you get the idea)

You can find the updated link above - get quizzing!

Our rewards

Each player who gained a point any stage in the event will have the chance to win one of 11 reward packages (consisting of each individual reward package which was unlocked by the community).

Football 1: 15x Horsetail banner

Football 2: 120 Shield walls

Football 3: 50x Khan chests

Goal: 7x 24 hours time skips + the chance to win a nice GGS goodie bag.

How does it work?

Football number one is automatically unlocked from the start and the goal is to unlock all stages up to the final stage, the goal.

At first, you will receive the link to quiz number one from us which should be fairly easy to solve. All the questions are related to the Football World Cup and previous World Cups. Each successful quiz is worth 1 point. Once the community reached 30/20 points in total, the next reward stage, football number 2, and the next quiz will be unlocked.

A new link for quiz number two will be presented which can be completed in order to reach the new required amount of points for football number three, which unlocks another bunch of cool rewards and the final quiz.

Now the final push! The last stage will be a more difficult quiz and require more points to unlock the rewards inside, even more, in-game items and prizes. In addition, this reward stage includes the chance for 11 players worldwide to win one of 11 exclusive packages of physical items. These winners will be randomly selected from any community who has entered the final stage and any player who contributed a point to any stage throughout the event.

The progress bar will be updated repeatedly over the week.


Each player can only take part in each quiz once. Multiple solving of the same quiz will not increase the progress bar and as usual multi accounts are not allowed! If you have different accounts on different servers please pick one to take part in the contest. Having multiple accounts on different servers is not forbidden but we would like to have the same chances for everyone to win. Quizzes will be taken into account when 4 questions or more are answered correctly.

The contest will take place until July 15th at 6 pm CEST!

Have fun with our contest and we’re looking forward to your participation!

Your Community Team

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