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Only an opinion

Lord Elrod (US1)Lord Elrod (US1) US1 Posts: 12
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 a lot of different view points. I've deleted the post.

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  • Sorry but there aren't any real GGE rules, besides no multi accounts or PW sharing. Honestly there should be no rules enforced by GGE to prevent such attacks. 

    Say I am a LL800 and I have a lvl 20 that is a pest to my alliance. Do you suggest that I couldn't do anything about it, or that I should find a low lvl player or make an alt to deal with them? If I attack them I will loose honor and the lvl 20 will loose what little troops and tools they have, that's the way the game should be and there shouldn't be a rule to stop that.

    You are a lvl 70 LL 29 so you are free game for anyone in the game now. All lvl 70's have had to go through this stage, and you will either make it or you will decide to quit.
    Join a different alliance or learn to defend yourself, and this will happen less often for you and your friends.
  • Also your alliance says "Independent" which makes you an even bigger target.

    I know players like myself that get bored and hunt out "Independent" alliances to hit, simply because there is no risk of anyone stepping in.

    And the more "we will not tolerate this and that is an act of war" is even more of a reason to attack that alliance.
  • ken.n (US1)ken.n (US1) US1 Posts: 136
       When I started playing this game it was acceptable for a level 70 to hit anyone over level 40 at least now its usually a level 70 hitting another level 70. It does not take much effort to get a event cast and stack 30k defense.
    ken.n @ usa 1
  • thank you for all your comments. a lot of good points to consider.

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