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This might solve the game problems for aussie players that can't log into the game.

I see that most of the players that can't log into the game, is from aussie server, or they play from australia.
An easy solution might be to download Puffin Browser for your PC, yes you can play like in the phone, but on pc. 
Link to download the browser https://www.puffinbrowser.com/windows/
You'll have to download the program, and some tools for it. To work.

The game works for me, i play from romania, on asian server. So yes, i don't have any issues with connecting in the game. So this might not work for you. But give  it a try

The browser, and the game works a little bit with lag but if you really need to connect into the game, this is the only solution until GGE get's to work. (They're not working on weekends so...)
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  • Kiwikiler95 (AU1)Kiwikiler95 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 419
    It has been said on a couple other posts but yes puffin works when all else fails get puffin as a last resort it is very slow and painful to use but atleast you can play move troops around and maybe even send attacks depending how laggy puffin wants to be

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