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World map Lag - How to fix

BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836
edited 11.06.2018 in Update Announcements
Dear Community,

there is currently an issue where our worldmap in the game is really laggy after opening it.
This problem seems to not necessarily affect all of our players yet, but we are aware that it happens to some of you.

After we took a deeper look into the situation we encountered that the current and new version of the Flash Player is responsible for causing those issues. This means that the new Flash Player Version 30 is the reason for said performance issues. 

Because this is a problem which has to be fixed by Adobe themselves we currently cannot fix anything on a technical side by ourselves, but we know that the problems do not occur with the Flash Player Version 29! 

If you want to get to Flash Player Version 29, but don't know how, then we would highly recommend Adobe's own website, where they are listing ways of installing previous Flash Player Versions for both Mac OS systems, as well as Windows operated systems. 
You can find this page under the following link: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/install-previous-version-flash-player.html 

These are the zip files you need to download - and you'll find the relevant install wizard in the folder.

Until the current performance issue is fixed by Adobe and/or also in general, we would further suggest to disable the automated update for the Flash Player. 

We hope that this might help you with your current performance issues and we apologize for the difficulties you might have had experienced by this Flash problem.

Best regards,
Your Empire Family 
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