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Farm houses

I'm a level 70 and I have upgraded some of my level 10 farm houses to granaries.   Now for some reason, I'm not allowed to upgrade anymore of my level 10 farm houses to granaries.  Any suggestions as to the reason why not ?
King Wat @ usa 1


  • You can't level up farmhouses to granaries; granaries are a separate building. So, to make a granary first demolish the farmhouse then go to the construction menu and build a granary.

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  • King Wat (US1)King Wat (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    That must be a change to the game.  It used to be when a farm house reached level 10, you waited for the architect to come around and then upgrade to level 11...… But ok, I will try what you said.... and than you for your advice
    King Wat @ usa 1
  • King Wat (US1)King Wat (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    Do I have to wait til the architect is in town to build a granary ?  I've gone to the construction bldg. in the particular op and I don't see an option to upgrade to a granary
    King Wat @ usa 1
  • Wiglema (NL1)Wiglema (NL1) NL1 Posts: 634
    You need to be a certain legendary level (11, I believe) before you can build a level 1 granary.
    Productionwise it feels like an upgrade to a farmhouse level 10, but it's a separate building.
    You don't need the architect for the first 20 levels of the granary. Only for levels 21 to 30.
    Wiglema (NL1)
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