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SwampGators vs Fluffy,misc,eliteguards,stfu and a few others

If you've recently read Swampgators description, it would appear they are being bullied. Not the case at all, Swampgators declared and their subs are running away. 
Now though present day most of the SwampGators are under the bird for 60 days.
Question is, what do you figure the swampgators are guilty of for having that many top alliances after them ? Could it be they were reporting falsehoods to GGE, getting people banned and then SG would strip and burn the banned person's castle. 
Sounds like street justice to me.
Did SG bite off more than they could chew ?.........Time will tell
BoomerThunder @ usa 1


  • Read MUs description, and you will see that SG didnt declare, they were declared on by MISC and family
  • Helix13 (US1)Helix13 (US1) US1 Posts: 11
    I find it funny that Swampgators listed out every alliance in the family, including subs rather than just saying Swampgators vs. Misc. If MU or TM listed all the alliances that were part of Swampgators at the beginning of this it would have been a longer list. 

    Although that list of Swampgator subs is pretty short now. 
    Helix13 @ usa 1
  • hge (US1)hge (US1) Posts: 986
    More like SwampMarshmallows at this point. 
    I am a non-ruby buying Level 70, Legend 100-something-but-I-am-to-lazy-to-update-this-every-time-I-level-up

    "He was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and clean, and his voice like music; on his brow set wisdom, and in his hand was strength."

    He firecasted.
    His alliance supported.

  • hge (US1) said:
    More like SwampMarshmallows at this point. 

    USACyberMonkey @ usa 1
    FU Recruiter
  • Potentia (US1)Potentia (US1) Posts: 249
    edited 27.05.2018

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  • Read MUs description, and you will see that SG didnt declare, they were declared on by MISC and family
    yeah sorry my mistake, SG declared on STFU...my mistake or was it  their mistake ?
    BoomerThunder @ usa 1
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