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Lost weapon and armor.

In the list of rewards for the Reputation contest I got the Helmet of the huntress and the weapon Fang. But for some reason they just dissapeard on me. I didn't delete it ether. What happend? And what can I do to get them back?


  • illal (US1)illal (US1) Posts: 19US1
    i have a member in one of my subs that just lost the helmet that was awarded and didn't get the fang when he should have. why are there so many glitches in this game? nothing seems to work right anymore. maybe gge should slow down and fix whats wrong.
  • Lost helmet and fang also in berimond invasion
  • dliu3 (US1)dliu3 (US1) Posts: 198US1
    Do you have too much equipment? There's a limited equipment storage capacity.
    Proud member of Heavens Army on US1!
  • Pieter Cornelis (NL1)Pieter Cornelis (NL1) Posts: 234NL1
    edited 26.05.2018
    Make a ticket and just ask GGE, they will help and recover the pieces.

    Are you shure that your warehouse have room for this pieces of equiptment? Because then  it's your own fault. at own risk.

    And sometimes when changing a lot of pieces in a short time, ive got a glitch that wil make some equiptmentpieces dissapear for a few seconds to a minute. Just wait and after refreshing the game their back again.

    But after all, the best thing is to make a ticket, it could take a few days, but i have confidence that they will find your pieces back.
  • This is an issue with the current season competiton - two in our alliance failed to get one of the equipment rewards, so now at theend, they have a missing piece.
    Thisis not due to kit store being full, as reward kit always goes in, so a GGS SNAFU.

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