Save the Date: 4/20/18

So I've been keeping up with the current ‘trends,’ even though I don't really like them, and I've found a few interesting facts.
-Adolf Hitler's birthday was on 4/20
-I have 420 Flame Bearers at my outpost (420 Blaze)


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    Lucky 95% of the world will never experience 4/20 because they can write the date normally. 
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    I saw this and thought:

    "Since when do we have 20 months in the yea... oh ok the date's reversed in america... dang I have to get used to it"

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  • Lucky 95% of the world will never experience 4/20 because they can write the date normally. 

    America's way of writing the date is better for one reason.

    1.) It comes from America

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