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May Update: Discussion Thread



  • What about the bloodcrow set?

    Proud WM of NUKE HEADS
  • My inventory is full of unique event sets. Call me when GGE does something with eqiupment so I can play again!I am not spending time and money to just have to sell or not get the eqiupment due to full inventory.
    Stumpyalaskan @ usa 1
  • WHen will RC start we need RC back and regarding AT is so boring 

  • Shares (AU1)Shares (AU1) AU1 Posts: 575
    edited 24.04.2018
    dunno about crap but totally Sword unavailable to most of us..our server isnt even near top 3 where the winners will come from.

    Shares @ au 1
  • will the battle fr the royal capital start in may?
    Proud non-rubie player
    Deputy of war legion 1
  • domanda come mai non riesco più a mettere in lingua italiana?

    avete deciso di farmi smettere?
  • why was the eastern raider taken off the tablet purchase in the nomad tint? 
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,063
    More Crap - i've real life issues to deal with - a funeral to go to and all ggs do is sit on their assess and think we're paying money for this sh*t - get the game working right first then talk about new stuff - playtime before having to reset cache is down to 2 hrs again - due to inept programming and leaking information stacks !

    THIS IS WHAT YOUR PLAYERS WANT ! sort the bugs and glitches first not more new stuff!

    I can play all day without having to reset.
    I only had problems like that maybe 10 times in past 400 days or so

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now
  • JYT (US1) said:
    Can I just
    (WoF Cast) (True Hero Com) Reskinned again?
      Winter Imp
      Ivory Rook
    If I still need to point out that the heroes are copy-pasted with an extra bit of clothing, then you should go see an eye doctor.
     Winged Knight
    I'd point out more but I'm out of time now
    as u know gge is copying old desings.....they cant even make new desingns now.....i can make for them lol
  • So, the creative teams decided to reused graphics for all visual components in this update. Too bad - they don't seem to be able to get their creative juices running.

    A more pertinent question - HOW THE HELL DID THESE GET APPROVED????

    U can see how crap this game has become amir ji(tat here)

    they now remove eastern rider from shop
  • I want eastern rider set back in shop......INT1 non ruby plaers only had chance of gettin em last nomad need 2 stones only........
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