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KoN taking over the server



  • Kon has wisely chosen allies who may be able to defeat them. I don't pay a lot of attention to upper level going ons of the leadership of most alliances and I stay happy that way. Always a member of Grumpy King or one of its subs and feel very lucky they tolerate me. Belonging to an excellent alliance is everything in this game once you reach a certain level. I;m pale next to some of GK's members. Scary good players ! Any alliance can be taken down,BUT saying you disapprove of this or that one until you and your allies are ready is dangerous imho. Good gaming to all ! jimmyg123
  • "everyone wants to fight, nobody wants to risk their own fiefs for it" 

    When have you ever risked anything to fight anyone?  You joined KoN for cushy eventing and safety from every other team.  If you had guts, you would've joined them while they were still in the server war.  

    Seems like only you and foxhound commented anything for KoN, and both of you joined them post server-war.  Aside from that, only ever seen you beat up on small teams.  Even lower, only ever noticed fox cuz I saw him get fudged by Morry and not retaliate awhile back.   

    Moment of silence for my boy Keenan, lost his spot to disloyal eventers.  RIP

    I haven't talked to @BM_Friedrich in a really long time, but he is pretty cool.

    He really wanted to keep the alliance he started TheIron(something) going.  We had a chat on discord, and he was very sincere.  I'm not trying to ride his crotch and get points with him, its just that he's a real nice dude.

    If I had the option to get into KoN main I'd do it too, even though I'm more PvE than PvP, I might as well learn something new if I could.

    But hey maybe you know things I don't, so I'll leave it as I respectfully disagree with your comment.

    I'm here to make pretty castles and recruit defense.
  • This is for FRieddick and KON,, I don't back down, if there where more like me, you would not run nothing, you are a pack of bullies that steal and think you can do what ever you want in this game.
    I have more honor and courage in my little finger than any of you craven people. Death before Dishonor,  get a life get out of your mommas basement and be men.  If you played fair I would not have bucked up to you. 

    Yours Truly,,


    oh and working for the game helps aye,, freiddick

    Wait, is this an alt?  :/
    USACyberMonkey @ usa 1
    FU Recruiter
  • You guys might notice that A: I don't work for GGE, B: moderators are allowed to have alliances and opinions, and C: while I would have been within my right to take the actions another moderator has since taken on this thread, I haven't used my forum powers in any way in this situation.
    Friedrich IV US1
    The Prodigal Scrub Returns
  • Haven’t read any of the comments just the title but if kon is taking over the server why don’t you join them? Raise to s high position and then you can make change.
    King The Torrent The Furious, 448k Might, level Legendary 49 (as of 10.4.18) 
    Like 600k might when fully active fearless and all the cherries now (4 November) but tbh not too active nowadays.
    GB1 Private Detective ;) - message me in game for your information needs.
    Discord - The Torrent#5588
    You spend money on this game. | You don't spend money on this game.
  •  I was one of the founders of Rebirth. We came to be after shenanigans and backstabbing of a ruby player who pretended to be our leader. He would allow noobies to join if they contributed lots of rubies then he would boot them after the rubies were donated. Some of these players were young and naive but he didn't care. This led to our split with this greedy a$$clown. He joined another big ruby alliance

     After we split with that person and created Rebirth, the server war started and we being so small, were used as "training" for mass attacks by alliances that weren't even participating in the server war. We took our lumps and stuck it out. It's when the ruby buying alliances started coming at us that I chose to leave the game. I stayed away for a year but logged in one day to say "hi" to old friends and then found out about events and other changes and that the big alliances were confining their server war to themselves. Finally some balance I thought.

     I'm leaving again and won't be returning (let the trolling begin). It's quite apparent now that the truth is and has always been, "he who buys the most rubies, wins." Skill and honor have no place in this game. Just rubies.
    SirJohn @ usa 1
  • Skill and honor have no place in this game.
    To be fair it would help if like anyone outside the top 10 alliances had any skill

    The amount of potatoes with wallets in the top 10 is actually astounding, there are VERY FEW skilled players outside of top alliances, because even top alliances have trouble finding them.
    Friedrich IV US1
    The Prodigal Scrub Returns
  • craig59 (US1)craig59 (US1) Posts: 43
    edited 24.04.2018
    Keenan was one of the first to leave when the server war started. Way to grind every day. 
    craig59 @ usa 1
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