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Attn: Lime Powder Bombs



  • honkey12b (US1)honkey12b (US1) US1 Posts: 27

    I haven't traded for any of them yet, but was looking at the Lime Powder Bombs for the castle walls. Unless there's a limit such as only being able to use one slot for them, its going to be very very difficult to break through castle walls and then have enough attackers left over to win. If you have 3 slots for tools on the wall and each slot gives 33% bonus to melee units when using that tool, that's 189% with maximum castellan melee bonus. With 4 slots, that's 222% melee defense bonus. I don't see anywhere you can possibly buy tools to counter this except at the Nomad Hunters' Camp, seen as Poison Arrows which boost the combat strength of ranged units. However, the camp says that those tools can only be used against nomad camps, while it does not say this when you check the Poison Arrows description. They really know how to make the game a bit confusing, which often leads players into wasting rubies. We would appreciate some clarification on this.
    I agree.  The descriptions are cryptic and brief, as well as uninformative.

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