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ModeratorWe are always on the lookout for talented people to join the team. That means you! If you think you could help us organise and inform the community while entertaining everyone then apply. We need people to help out on the forum, behind the scenes with announcements, on Discord and on our other Social Media channels.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE




                                                                                                 عمرو الحديدى 


  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    Mist means shit in German...enough Internet for today

  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    edited 08.04.2018
    1m  GLORY  and u are REMORSELESS  lol 
    mine 6m  and iam still under PROUD  title 

    i think GREMAN SERVER  is big shit 
    have fun 
    ehm...this isn't Australian  server also  ,i would go to school before insulting other people

  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    GO KID  

    no reason to talk to you.

  • JYT (US1)JYT (US1) US1 Posts: 853
    Best of luck to you, but farming is for farmville.
    Also why the hate? It's just a sig...
    What a great and attractive message to send to potential recruits about your attitude, and what kind of person you are rofl
    Discord: JYT#1574
  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    i guess 2 lovers protecting each other...have fun !

  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    edited 09.04.2018
    i guess 2 lovers protecting each other...have fun !
    2 friends mr  FAT GAY  
    i knew it... 2 "friends" :smirk:

  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    edited 09.04.2018
    Mist means shit in German...enough Internet for today
    Unfortunately the thread was in English (perhaps they didn't teach you to read English in school), however you can keep smoking the shit you been Fat Big Mouth lord.
    lol thats my bro 
    Mr. Big Fat piece of shit, I knew it you are not only retard, but you have nothing but shit in your head as you like to eat shit smoke shit and live in shit.
    He said "bro", I guess where you live they dont even teach meaning of brothers. Well not your fault your parents and school didnt teach you meaning of brother as well. May be you can go back to school and stop watching dirty internet websites and learn some manners.

    lmao 'manners' this child said...how old are you 8 ? Am going to school to learn languages, Maths, Geography, Science, etc. not to learn meaning of brother, i don't have home school like you. Geography is good and important:your friend couldn't distinguish Germany from Australia...lol
    ( not the best way to recruit people for your alliance) No chances to beat 2 Idiotic kids in an conversation. Goodluck,hope you find another kids who want to join your ally!

  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,232
    Much detail, so encouragement 
    Venom @ Asia - Member for Drunken Fist
    Venom @ Australia - War Marshal for Shadow Lords!!

    Best player on the test server B)

  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    meh, you once again proven you are big fat retard.
    keep talking fool .. no one invited you to join my alliance. 
    you are the one dragged this to your level no one asked you meaning of MIST in German so you get what you deserve asxhxxx, no one needed your opinion you piece of shit.
    now dont cry about it, be silent and remain silent son of a biscuit.

    ( not the best way to recruit people for your alliance) 
    LOL no one asked you to put your shitty thoughts and comments in the first place so stop giving your suggestions go talk to your kinda "gxx friends" and  stay out of other people's business.

    I dont mean to offend you personally nor your parents ..but you brought this upon yourself by arguing like stupid that you are.

    thanks god, that am not in your alliance...looks like your mom dropped you when u were born

  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    edited 09.04.2018
    @BM Neroxnex @BM_Keira too many insults here, teach this kid manners

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