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Discussion Thread: March Update

Hey everyone,

You can discuss everything you want to about the upcoming update here ;)

Let us know what you think about the Shapeshifter changes and the Alliance tournament - we'll give you some more details about the update at a later date.


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  • I'm starting to think monkeys are running the show here...flinging poo and pushing buttons since 2011!!!!!!
  • douwew (NL1)douwew (NL1) NL1 Posts: 157
    edited 27.02.2018
    When will the tourney run? I already was saving up my horros.... 
    @BM ang1243
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    douwew @ nl 1

  • Season points competition??? Seriously?
    Well that's a pity. 


    Proud WM of NUKE HEADS
  • MAG992003 (US1)MAG992003 (US1) US1 Posts: 54
    Ok, wow, just found the answer.  So, GGE did change the format of the AT.  Unreal!!
  • douwew (NL1)douwew (NL1) NL1 Posts: 157
    As other people said... This was a PVP based event... Now it is grinding... 
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    douwew @ nl 1

  • ok,so u guys r saying if v leave ally v wont be added for ally tourney but wht if v deceided to leave ally and hit nomad,then wht,huh?
    v can;t waste our skips for hitting khan camps,they r getting costly as hits increase,its only affordable for ruby player and non-ruby players have to suffer,great idea 
    atleast make changes for aly tourney tht v can leave aly during nomad event,otherwise its waste to play tourney,and becoming top 50 in tht event will be hard...
    think it through and help non-ruby players as well...
    other events are easy to accomadate,as we stay in one ally only
  • niko_356 (BG1)niko_356 (BG1) BG1 Posts: 22
    edited 27.02.2018
    now what's going to make sense of the alliance tournament
    what is different from the alliance ranking of events besides additional prizes

    from pvp game becomes in pve game for bots
    Post edited by niko_356 (BG1) on
    niko_356 @ bg 1
  • good job you guys just made shapeshifters 10 times more confusing i know a lot of players that are not playing because it is just too much for them to handle. 

    and well a new commander only for shapeshifters that last 7 days and probably cost 500k rubines
  • the real alliance tournament is:  real player vs a real player , not a real player vs events 
  • This game is becoming boring. What's the point of the legendary levels if you are taking the away the PVP aspect of the game. There is no point in leveling up because all you want us to do is attack the same crap events.  I can be a level 30 and attack the crap events all day. All you want us to do is collect seasonal points to gain equipment to attack the same crap events over and over again. You are draining the game of its fun.  The whole point of gaining equipment before was to become stronger than you opponent.  Now there is no reason to become stronger than you opponent because they are all attacking the crap events. So this is not a war game anymore.. If I wanted to play Big Farm that's what I would be playing...BORING!!
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