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Royal quest

I don't understand the new quest there was starting today, people there are at work don't have a chance to make the task, without buying rubbies, there are also too many towers involved to reach in normal time without timeshift I don't think that is all right :-(


  • this is their goal. i spend all my skips after that saw royal quest 160 skips needed ... i decided to buy skips and what to see after new year they restarted ruby offers and my offer was only 20 skips . 

    after all i started to hit baron towers but ussless so 

    in the end i give up 

    f that shit 
  • lilleged (SKN1)lilleged (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 12
    I think, people should boycot the task this time, when they make the Quest last time it was Christmas eve here in Denmark, and again a task i couldn't complete, normaly can I make the task, but it should also be a fair task 
  • kampo (US1)kampo (US1) US1 Posts: 283
    ya , the royal quest is BS, how can I spend 14,200 tabs and only collected 11,416 , something is wrong and GGE knows it , but they want the players to spend rubies , because that = $$$$
  • ken.n (US1)ken.n (US1) US1 Posts: 136
       It was 2 days to hit 160 towers jumping on line every 90 minutes for a minute to launch with presets you could get half the quest with out using any skips. Just wait until Sunday when you need 1.8 million glory and start getting castles with 400 defenders.
    ken.n @ usa 1

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