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Shapeshifter Known issues

Dear players,

After the Attack of the Shapeshifter event started, we encountered a few bugs connected to this event. Please, remember that it is just a trial version this time, and we will do our best to fix these issues before the next iteration for this event however, the following issues will be present: 
  • PVP commander effects are not shown and are not applied against Shapeshifter camps.
  • Glory icon is sneaking behind Blood points icon on defence battle reports.

  • If you attack Shapeshifter camp from an outpost during midnight reset, the army trvel back to the main castle, instead of outpost.

  • If the enemy spied your castle and fails of doing that, you get wrong information in the failed spy report. 

  • Rare chance of magically appearing few more units in the defender battle report. See screenshot, .

  • Bauble Crossing tools are not available  in the attack planning dialogue against Shapeshifter camps.
    Bauble Crossing tool .

  • Troops do not consume food when traveling back from attack on Shapeshifter camp.
  • Shapeshifter charms are added twice.
General bug we are also aware of and working on solution for: 
  • Login Bonus - The daily rewards are not shown and players cannot collect them. 

We will let you know next week when the bugfix for these issues will happen.

Please only post in this thread if you know of any other bugs on top of those listed above.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Your Empire Family

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  • Kage (ASIA1)Kage (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,943
    In the test server, there were no bugs and the event ran perfectly. But when the event is on the regular server there are tons of weird bugs? I thought the test server was supposed to find all the bugs before the new updates came out.
    That's what i said, the event was good on test server. No problems with hol bonuses or commander bonuses on attack mode.
    I guess is "Planned and hidden bugs for real servers in the updates" Not "New events in the updates"
    ] - asia 1 / Second player on power -   - 2.8m power - Oct. 04. 2019 

     I'm a ghost, but i'm still here.
     To be continued....

  • lol if you know it is not working why dont you just shut it down and fix it,and instead of adding one more broken event you could have done smthing usefull 
  • Tanzim1 (INT1)Tanzim1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 163

    When i click these buttons the usual pop up doesnt pop 
    i had to pull the arrow from inventory to add some more

    Hells Bells


    Level 70 Legendary level 21 But Look at the picture :)
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 10,979
    You lose tools on normal mode, first wave of tools is lost on normal mode. - That's a bug and is not on your list.
    In test server, all the tools that were used on attack (normal mode) returned (same numbers of tools) to main castle. Also when you get attacked by a shape castle, it shows as a castellan (the attacker) not a commander. In test server there was no problem like this. 
    Why in real servers run bugs and in test server event has no problems.
    Again sistem shows how fake they are. Run an event that has problems (FOR 12 days) and they know that the event has problems.
    Whats the point of Hard Mode even, you lose tools on normal mode if you get wiped by defender, and you lose like all tools, and nothing returns back.
    This event is made just to eat players tools/feathers and nothing else. 
    Tools are supposed to be lost in normal mode.

    Also a bug sort of : The scoring in hardcoremode is ridiculous and set way to high.

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free
  • Are you supposed to loose anything in defence ?
    This is one of the battle reports
    he lost his sols in defence which is not stated in the event info
    it says defenders doesnt loose sols or tools in a defence attack.
    thats what it says
    please check and reply if anyone else countered this bug.
  • Sadly, the glory decay issue doesn't appear to be corrected. And, as comments weren't included as an option in the "Hotfix" thread... there's no place to advise GGE. Honestly, thats one major major BUG.
  • it had bugs in it on the test server everybody told gge it was bad
  • Jewel88 (US1)Jewel88 (US1) US1 Posts: 42
    I just got attacked by the shapeshifters and have very few men left in my castle, but they food consumption is exactly the same as it was before I was attacked.  The server is acting like my men are still there.  I didn't even know I was attacked until I read my messages because my food consumption was even -- like it was when I left it. This just seems like another event to get us to lose our men/tools and I'm sure our castles will be set on fire if we lose the attack -- so what is this -- we have to buy to keep up? I was getting tired of the bloodcrow attacks, and as far as I know, real players aren't attacking like that unless they are at war.  Are you at war with us?  I don't need to have my defenses attacked every week to challenge me. Last month I was attacked twice in three days by the bloodcrows, and they weren't small attacks.  The second time I just opened my doors because I didn't have time to recover from the first attack. Oh that's right -- that cost me rubies! Now that you knocked out most my defenders again, I'll just wait for a bloodcrow attack to finish me off. I just got a few more people interested in playing this game, but I'm so disgusted now I don't know if I'm going to stay. Most players avoid attacks like this, but you just keep piling them on.  Oh by the way, I can't get anymore defenders because the food consumption of the few I have left is three times what it should be.  Maybe when I log back in in will be right, but I'm not holding my breath. Really close to saying forget it over this one.
  • I attacked the shapeshifters . The shapeshifter totems changed after midnight and my attackers somehow returned to my main castle and I lost most my attackers and defenders due to food starvation because they got returned to my main castle.

  • Why do my troops return back to my main castle? I wasn't told that.
  • Shares (AU1)Shares (AU1) AU1 Posts: 576
    edited 15.12.2017
    I attacked the shapeshifters . The shapeshifter totems changed after midnight and my attackers somehow returned to my main castle and I lost most my attackers and defenders due to food starvation because they got returned to my main castle.

    same has happened to me...does this mean all affected have to contact support and wait days?..need them for BC (and defence) 

    oh and I guess as usual they launch a new event and no techies on to fix issues, weekend off. Thus I wont have the troops available to complete BC with...
    Shares @ au 1
  • Madara. (INT1)Madara. (INT1) INT1 Posts: 161
    @BM ang1243      this is new update or a bug 



    this start to piss me off so please can i have an anser ?

  • Return to main castle...7k defense just gone!!!!! im so phooking pissed off right now!!!! I played on the test server too and no issues at all  :|

  • CBee (US1)CBee (US1) US1 Posts: 210
    So since you knew there were bugs on this trial run,  does this mean your gonna give me back all my tools I lost do the fact it wasn't working properly?
    CBee @ usa1

  • OxO (AU1)OxO (AU1) AU1 Posts: 962
    So since you knew there were bugs on this trial run,  does this mean your gonna give me back all my tools I lost do the fact it wasn't working properly?
    a gift package of 500 shield walls, breaching towers heavy rams, 250 boulders, 500 deathly horrors and 500 demon horrors sounds good to me

  • https://prnt.sc/ho5axw
    someone pls fix this
    i attacked everyone of shoplifter and and one of my attack is not included

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