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A lot of players want refunds from GGS for this broken NPC commander

Theres a long list of people who do and can we have some sort of confirmation it’s not going to be fixed?


  • We don't have confirmation because it will be discussed on Monday.

    There is still a chance that it gets corrected, to what we thought it was going to be, and I assume all of the moderators will be advocating for that.
    Friedrich IV US1
    The Prodigal Scrub Returns
  • Defectus (US1)Defectus (US1) US1 Posts: 1,199
    i thing 500 of each skip would be sufficient refund gift.....:p
    maybe 500 each for the trouble, and then the cool down restored to what we thought it was in the first place :)
    TheBlueIcicle    US1

    I don't play this game anymore.
  • gopher42 (US1)gopher42 (US1) US1 Posts: 35
    I'd settle for at least a swap of all the nutcracker items for other season items of my choice.  At least I would get what I know I'd want instead of what I thought we were getting.  Without that cooldown against all NPC, this commander is pathetic.

  • CBee (US1)CBee (US1) US1 Posts: 211
    They just lost a ton of "real money"  over this.  Greedy, Greedy, Greedy.
    CBee @ usa1

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