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Information about the Uniform of the nutcracker warrior set



  • I would of not lifted a finger for this set if it I had known the NPC meant only RBCs.  Absolute garbage is this set in my eyes if the cooldown is only for RBCs, garbage.
  • That's complete dogshit.

    You guys just took out the biggest reason why most people were going to try and get it.

    And I like how you guys "accidently" had a display issue with it while never talking about it during the actual announcement of the set.

    GGE I hope that everywhere you walk you step on legos...

    while barefooted!

  • Let's be honest here. A 50% cooldown for everything that's NPC was already too good to be true when it was announced. People should have expected something like this to happen sooner or later. 

  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 02.12.2017
    Hey guys,

    Due to the reports we got, we want to inform you about a display issue regarding a set bonus for the Uniform of the nutcracker warrior.

    It currently says Attack cooldown against NPC targets, which should obviously include also NPCs like the Nomads. Unfortunately, the description is wrong. The correct text should be Attack cooldown against robber baron castles.This is the reason the bonus does not work on Nomands. We will fix this in our next update.

    Also, due to the feedback we have received regarding the issue, we are also evaluating this very set bonus within the team. As soon as we have more info on how we want to proceed with this issue, we will let you know.

    Apologies for the inconvenience!

    Your Empire Family
    Make it work then and fix it. Do not make it only against Robber Baron. Who needs the 50% cooldown if it will work only against robber baron? Please fix this instead of changing it to Robber Baron and towers. Just a lazy excuse for not fixing the commander to work like the way it should.
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  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,839
    i disagree it sounded very plausable,  given gge had slashed the amount of skips it had given players massivly limiting the ability to participate in events, given the reasons given were not to limit activity in the event but to slow progress by taking away the large skips, it made sense for them to try and reward activity another way, to balance out the events a little, to allow players a way of being able to be more active in events. lets put it this way every single mod in the game thought it was right, i mean the only reason you would have any reason to doubt it, is the same reason you would ever doubt gge, that is their track record of lying and decieving its players.  But if we already at the point in not believing a single word they say, not believing a single announcment, not believing any promise they make.  Then really whats the point?  Why even bother?

    It will be interesting to see what gge do on this one, the line ohh its a mistake sorry is wearing thin,  They tried it with attacking from rv's!!!!   oh sorry we didnt realise you coudl attack from rv's it was not how we intended, our mistake, 5 years later!!!!!!   They tried it with the gems 2 years later.  they did it with the stats of heros, changing the wording on them so they no longer give the same bonus they once did.  

    Now they doing it with a new commander that they very clearly announced on the official threads on the forum.   If they backpedal on this one, then maybe you are right.  Maybe we should never believe an offical announcment on the forum again they give u somethign let u invest in it, they they take it away its happening too regularly to be an accident.

    Philt123 @ en 1
  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 02.12.2017
    For those who cannot wait till Monday:

    Disclaimer: This service is offered completely free of charge and without any warranty whatsoever.
    A good way to ruin a decent commander. My favorite part of it was the cooldown more than anything else about it for what should have been NPC instead of limiting it to towers and rb castles only. I also attack a lot more Nomad and Samurai camps than rb castles and towers as well. Never saw the point to even using time time skips on towers and rb casstles anyway, unless if  you really want to complete a map or going to compete in the Nobility contest for top 100 or 1st place despite the fact its rewards should actually be something else instead of farming tools at least for third place anyway. With so many towers and rb castles available to hit why even bother to use time skips on them? In contrast to rb castles and towers pretty much everyone who is an active enough player will need to use time skips eventually at some point on Kahn, Nomad, and Samurai camps because of the monthly events and decent rewards you can get  from the invasions especially on the last page or trying to get rewards for top rankings.. Also, what about Storm Forts? Would they be excluded as well?
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  • ken.n (US1)ken.n (US1) US1 Posts: 136
       Funny how this commander was released almost the same time you took away 5 hour and 24 hour skips yet its like everything else in this game worthless crap. How would 1 or 2 cool down commanders help anyone when hitting tower? Most people hitting towers will launch on several at a time.

      Give me back my 24 million that i wasted upgrading this gear

    Can't wit to see the next bogus addition to this game forefingers pat 3 disguised as shapeshifter castles.

    ken.n @ usa 1
  • Goes from an awesome set to almost a waste of time.
    Stumpyalaskan @ usa 1
  • i wonder why I'm not surprised at this bullshit.
    coolguymatt @ usa 1
  • Completely bu*****..... This was the brake through for most of the players after the genius time skip reduction..... with 50% cool down we could breath again and play comfortable..... i dont know which genius wanted to make a cool down on RBC i think he need to play this game or go see a mental health doctor.... if the cool down is less then 40% this commander set wold be no value for me....GGE u guys need to give players some space to feel comfortable (MFs)
    sabbirakhond @ WWW 1
  • if you want to have it be just robber barrons, then give us back all our time skips. at least for level 70 players whose every building and upgrade requires a 24hr skip. waiting 24hrs to upgrade a level 5 granery is ridiculous.  
  • Howling73 (US1)Howling73 (US1) US1 Posts: 42
    Just another notch in a long line of embarrassments for this game and company.
  • ChrisGa (INT1)ChrisGa (INT1) INT1 Posts: 20
    you just disappoint us with your so called "mistake" GGE
    edited 02.12.2017

    I feel bad for anyone who jumped in full flow to try finish the whole event, only to find out the comm is useless.

    Luckily I hadnt made any effort. This just serves as another reminder that GGS really dont know what they are doing.

    A good bit of advice is - dont trust new updates to work how they should. Dont use money/rubies/tools on them. I got burnt over the Khan medal ruby tools and I just dont trust GGS anymore. I basically assume they will mess up every new feature.

    I also feel bad for the employees of GGS who dont have direct input on development or game management. The accountants, secretaries, receptionists, IT support etc. Because they are all going to lose their job when this company goes down due to mismanagement.
    STEVIEBEANZ @ en 1
  • GlennXPro (NL1)GlennXPro (NL1) NL1 Posts: 39
    What a scam.. False advertising, now  i worked my ass of too get a piece of equipment that is useless?? You guys better change is that its going to work on all NPC's like its advertised. 

    I bought 30k rubbies to get the set as fast as possible to see then that its not even working on samourai.. Great job GoodGame. - Tutorial, "how to make your players mad by misleading them" 

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