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Lots Of Units On One Flank

Theres a nice outpost in ruins not belonging to any alliance. I did a espionage and he has about 98% of his units on one flank. Since he isn't in a alliance he won't get support in the courtyard. I was wondering though is it possible for me to win if he's numerically superior but I place all my units on the side his aren't on? If it isn't would any higher level player be willing to attack it and clear it out for me?


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  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,713
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    Ask your alliance to clear it for you, or ask a friend? 
    Asking for help on forums to clean an outpost isn't the best option...
    Better that you ask someone in-game...

    If you can beat it or not depends on how many defenders he got and how many attackers you have, and your commander and his castellan.
    It's hard to tell if your going to win or not without this information.

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  • Lol, you are in a sub of Neph and still asking here to clear out the troops?
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    @Turtle24 (US1) Remind me to attack that annoying kid , thanks.

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    I love fanmail. Thanks for inviting me n turtle24 for a 3 way but I'm not that way inclined but feel free to talk dirty anyway  :D
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