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Bakery or Stables



  • Diavolo (US1)Diavolo (US1) Posts: 655US1
    Which is more important at this game?
    Bakeries are more important with at least level 6 if you are a non ruby buyer and level 8 if you buy rubies in at least the main castle and one of your outposts. The outer kingdoms however may not need a level 8 bakery even if you buy rubies and especially if you own lots of food rvs.

    As for stables although bakeries may be more important at least the main castle anyway should at least have a level 3 stable eventually even if you are a non ruby buyer. Important to keep in mind that even though level 2 and especially level 3 stables can be expensive they are also very important as well and at least in my opinion second only to the bakery when it comes to ruby buildings. Fortresses and daily tasks can help you get enough rubies as well to level up a stable if you do not buy rubies.
    Nah, Stables 3 are the most important buildings, followed by bakeries.
    I would say maybe get a level 2 bakery first at least in the main castle where the bakery is needed most before leveling up any stables. Also, a lot cheaper in rubies as well to get the lowest level bakeries. We are talking like only somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 rubies for levels 1 and 2 combined in comparison to a little over 9,000 rubies for only just one level 2 stable and less than 9,000 rubies with a ruby discount but still expensive in rubies to upgrade. (I do not exactly remember the total costs for the level 1 and 2 bakery, but at least for levels 1 and 2 anyway from what I remember the costs are quite reasonable in comparison to getting level 2 stables.) Level 3 stables are the ideal in all castles and outposts including the outer kingdoms for also more easily hitting fortresses and more easily capturing rvs as well, but can also be expensive to get as well even with a discount. Just one of these stables for example costs about 12k rubies to upgrade to level 3 without the discount. Very easy as well to run out of food without a bakery or any food rvs. If you are a non ruby buyer it is also harder to get these stables than to get bakeries which is why I recommend getting at least one level 2 bakery first in the main castle before leveling up any stables. Also takes extra time as well to build up castles before they are ready to attack fortresses or capturing rvs even if you are an active player and have a lot of time skips.
    Never trust the game advice of someone with a resource OP, hahaha.

    Think I can trust his game advice?


    (if you like buying food and troops)

    Hidingfromyou @ usa 1
  • Funny how ppl are arguing with the guy who spends less than all of you and is better than all of you.
  • zaxx (US1)zaxx (US1) Posts: 106
    age old question  with prolly an even 50-50 split or somewhere there abouts . It really comes down to your style of play and what your priorites are ..
    With me I always upped my stables first at least to level 2 ,  I found the increase in attack and support speed was a priority early on and thru out my game play . My support troops  ( with a speed commander) were always fast enough to get support to where it was needed , and in the attack mode wether pve or pvp  speed wins . Especially in the FIs and Bcs  events you want to maximize your sortie rate especially under a booster . More sorties per hour =more loot=more rss=more bling=etc,etc...its a win,win,win  This also helps with troop feeding .  I would get the bakery when I was able to but I wouldn't  stress out leveling it up  until most my farms were atleast level 9 or 10 and by that time  I had a lot of research done on the farming aspect ..
    That's my way ...speed first because it gets you the rss and bling to keep your upgrades going then after you gain enough rss production in ops and such  work on the bakery ... That's my way , but it may not be anyone elses 
  • Diavolo (US1)Diavolo (US1) Posts: 655US1
    Funny how ppl are arguing with the guy who spends less than all of you and is better than all of you.
    hee hee hee, I gave you a like there sir!
    Hidingfromyou @ usa 1
  • Watt38 (PT1)Watt38 (PT1) Posts: 448PT1
    Construction Crane.

    Resultado de imagem para honkler

  • K1LLER (US1)K1LLER (US1) Posts: 563US1
    Id say bakeries in main and stables in outers, outers give more rubies to upgrade bakeries later
    Now, what I do to get a ton of rubies is just save up tickets and go for the treasure chest on the wheel of fortune as I can do 15-20k in a round sometimes. 

  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 733US1
    I think it depends on your style of play and development level.  If you've been slacking on the farms and can't keep enough troops around to at least handle npc's without a problem then the bakery is probably the smart way to go.  Otherwise take the stables.
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