Event Teaser: Attack of the shapeshifter



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    @BM ang1243 but that is the hole problem of PvP. I am always low on boulders. Troops I can make but boulders not. 
    Would be great way to get players really playing this event, if you could buy boulders with the shapeshifter charms or shapeshifter insignias
                                Boulders for lazy man (Or sane man who doesn't throw their money at a 
                                                                              bunch of monkeys)


    Or attack nomads/sams/fc/bc and get season points and earn boulders

  • Lame
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    @BM ang1243

    I repost this as I didn't realize I can comment this thread.

    What BS is ALL unit will be basked to Shapeshifter sharpshooter (range) or legionnaire (melee) units. So how on earth we can plan our offense or defense properly, if we can't even calculate the strength of the troops in the spy and incoming report? Does GGS developer actually have brain?
    Hey @Peter John (US1)

    I don't see how this would change the way you attack? You can see whether they are melee or ranged troops, and so you can adjust ratios, etc. accordingly. Admittedly you can't choose to ignore a castle because they have 700 Veteran flame bearers as opposed to another castle which has 700 Sentinels, but apart from this, I can't see a major downside when setting up an attack.
    It DOES!! If you really understand the battle mech, then the troops strength (along with tools/cast equipment) MATTERS to properly adjust the offense ratio. You DO NOT just adjust the ratio based on the no. of troops if you want to attack with optimum result.

    It is HUGELY different when you are attacking 100 StKG + 50 ScKG vs 100 Mace + 50 ScKG vs 100 TravKn + 50 ScKG vs .... shall I continue????

    Worst case for defense, knowing the incoming troops strength you CAN made an attempt to decide what kind of defense formation you want to choose. With proper calculation (again if you know exactly the battle mech is) you can kind of predict whether a specific incoming better served with, let day 50-50-0 or 100-0-0 and so on (also the M/R ratio per defended section). It is  BIG deal knowing the exact troops strength coming at you. While you don't really lose anything, but I HATE to lose. I'd rather be burnt but I have used my brain to defend incoming vs go 100-0-0 all the time. It's BORING.
    Have to agree with both of you here Peter John. Making it so that you can't see what the troops are rather than having it set up as it would be for PVP is annoying.

    With that being said though, Angus is also right. Whenever you attack another player, you need to be prepared for their defence to change. This means that when you attack, you attack as though you expect for them to be online and for it to be filled with top quality defenders and tools and with a tonne of alliance support EVERY SINGLE TIME and ON ALL FLANKS. 

    Angus has said that this event is like "baby steps" to teach people to participate in PVP.. Even though their alliance can't support, they can still be online. I probably wouldn't spy in this event for any reason other than to see how many troops are in a potential target (bigger the better, and hopefully people on Au1 have better defence than the FLs). Then I would set up the attack to go will full force and full tools on all flanks in all waves in case they were online and had strong troops hiding in their ops to move over to their main.

    Can imagine that password sharing may become a problem in this event though...
    TOTALLY agree with you with the fact the defense can change. But that's the risk you NEED to take.

    Here an example of issue of attacking. Let say I have a few attacks out. As most ppl know, most attack would involved a lot of R offense troops. Let say, this cause you have a few hundreds M off. left in your castle, twirling thier thumb. So out you send your faithful spy and see 100 Masked M + 50 Masked R on wall. What are you gonna do?

    Those could be easily 100 TravKn + 50 ScKG. Had you know that for sure, wouldn't you take the risk and send ladder + your M off. (may be no mantlet to speed up the troops movement)? But since you don't see it, that could be 100 StKG + 50ScKG, which in this case had you know for sure, then you wouldn't attack it and wait it out until you regain your R off. troops, one way or another.

    And I, pesonally, don't always attack full MOFO. I really like to tweak my attack, to the optimum. And if I attack a small alliance, I would like to give my target a chance to win. Or if shady match me with a weak opponent, I would scale back as much as I can as all I care is winning it to get my rewards, not really to burn his castle. Some players may play like me, and those who does would need to be able to see exactly what kind of troops in the def. and willing to take risk and/or giving a fair chance of the target to defend himself (especially if the level is pretty big in difference). May be I'm just too nice, but I don't want to be called bully because the shady match me with a weak player, even though that's actually not bullying, but hey there are too many cry baby out there.

    HOWEVER, the biggest issue is for incoming. Not knowing exactly what coming at you, are you gonna risk tweaking your defense formation?

    The matter of fact is, the masking of troops JUST simply take the fun of attacking/defending completely. We will just attack/defense like Robot

    And here below, the lies:
    BM ang1243 said:
      Attack of the Shapeshifters event is on its way… Make some noise!

    • Attack of the Shapeshifters is a new Player versus Player event where you can use different strategies in order to win great rewards.

    WHAT STRATEGY???? The only strategy in here is to use 1 single tactic to attack, and 1 single tactic to defend. So much for telling us that we can use "different" strategies. LMAO.
  •                             Boulders for lazy man (Or sane man who doesn't throw their money at a 
                                                                              bunch of monkeys)


    Or attack nomads/sams/fc/bc and get season points and earn boulders

    Boulders for man who likes when defenders can see his army coming 45 minutes out.

    Sure the seasonal gives some boulders,  but very few...
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  • This update seemed great at first but as I read on a grew more and more disappointed.

    First and foremost, the fact that it costs tools to attack but costs nothing to defend seems one-sided, because there's really nothing to lose from the defense side, but attackers are forced to keep spending on boulders (the small amount of boulders we now get from seasonal isn't enough).

    Secondly, while I do understand not being able to see the real identity of players before the attack, it would be nice to be able to see their identity afterwards.

    And lastly, it doesn't really make sense that the defender suffers no losses of any kind.

    GGE has been talking a lot about "balance" recently. Somehow this event doesn't seem very balanced, as players are able to gain rewards with little to no expense (except for moat tools on the attacker's side, which throws off the attack/defense balance).

    Seems like it really could've been an interesting event, and it looks like GGE was trying, but this isn't PvP. There's no way to bring down your enemies; instead, the entire event is simply based off personal gain. That's not a PvP event.
    I think this event is for those that want to try out PvP without having hughe diplomacy issues and if you do towers and forts and spend rubies on nothing else , buy during 70% discount you can not get ~1.5k boulders/weeks which is enough , while I do not like that defender does not loose a thing imo that would motivate me to throw everyhing I've got to try and defend as good as I can since I cannot loose anything. And if no one lost a thing that'd make it pointless as well so while yeah on the who looses what work can still be done there but if you see it as an event that is for people to try out PvP I think it is decent and fullfills the purpose it is designed for.
    I see what you mean, and I do think it's important for new players to be able to figure out how to do PvP, but when GGE announced over the summer that they'd be bringing PvP back as a core aspect of the game, this isn't what I envisioned...

    The problem with your boulder solution is that only spending rubies on boulders is pretty hard. It would work though, if you really limited spending and hit a decent amount of towers each week.
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    retired I guess. or trying to be.
  • @BM ang1243 but that is the hole problem of PvP. I am always low on boulders. Troops I can make but boulders not. 
    doesn't matter. It specifically states that, I quote, "One of the most interesting aspects of this event lies in the consequences players will face after battles. After the battle the defender will keep his/her troops, tools or resources, his/her buildings will not be burned or destroyed, even if the defender loses the battle"
    we keep our tools, win or lose. if not. I am gonna spam the forum calling them rude names because they are lying mongrels.
  • I like it. Something new that isn't FLS OR BC's. Finally using your imaginations to a certain extend I note. Sams and nomads are entirely different, so you people who are saying that it is worse than FL's, grow a brain because ass you can see, similar kind of concept but nothing alike in any other aspect. 

    (always read the small print)
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    I wish we got to keep tools but not soldiers. Being the able to see what's attacking would help.
    If defenders are not motivated to defend can I just span attacks with samurai? lol I won't risk losing them...
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    500k might points. I know. A lot of people have higher. Wow, now I have have over 700k... 

    Yay! A nice reward!

  • This event sounds fun and i like that there is a new concept and a new mechanic behind it even if it sounds very similar to the Foreign invaders. Yet i hope that the realism concept of this event is true and not some fabrications.

    1. It says the attacker will not lose his units in normal mode. Will this also apply to the attack tools used in battle? 

    2. Can the shapeshifter totem/castle reflect an opponent that comes from your own alliance?

    Also, how will the developers work towards making this event stable and free of bugs upon release? We saw complications directly after the release of Khan's Revenge. And Beri invasion + Royal capital only lasted for a few months until these events got recalled and removed. I feel like if the developers wants to pull this off they really need to invest resources and time into the event and not rush the coding in order to release it at the earliest possible date. 

  • Does this mean you can attack people i your own alliance because if it does, the whole anonomus thing would be skrewed
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    Is this the emperor new clothes or is it Fori on Steroids , When i saw pvp i went wow , but then i realise it is just computer generated.

    I guess we have to see in time
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    GGS found another way for more profit.

    Time skip is never enough.

    Tools is our next problem.

    Buy, buy, buy, buy...

    The way GGS is planning how to take more money from us is getting abusing.

    BoBski @ GR 1
  • Not getting too excited cuz GGE is shit

  • lol @ people not being able to get support. and @ troops not dying and no fires . . .  lmfao . . . foreign castles can cause fires . . . but not real "fake" players . . .  and someone already crying about legendary levels in the first page . . . . .  smh. 

  • Is this the emperor new clothes or is it Fori on Steroids , When i saw pvp i went wow , but then i realise it is just computer generated.

    I guess we have to see in time
    Like Fori on steroids... It's REAL PVP, with a twist, you don't know who you are hitting, and you lose only tools for attacker, and nothing for defender.
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    Is this the emperor new clothes or is it Fori on Steroids , When i saw pvp i went wow , but then i realise it is just computer generated.

    I guess we have to see in time
    Hey @BIGTtheMULLER (INT1)

    It's not computer generated ;) Basically live PvP hits between players, but without any losses for the defender, and with currencies earned like in other events.

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    Okay thats cool thankyou 
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