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Running Trains NO SKIPS

IN nomads and samurai event there is a cooldown time whiche gets people annyed after 100 of attacks we have to keep looking at camps so when they burn we should have to use skips which i think is not important..whats the point of giving skips in nomad and samu event if we have to use them on camps....just remove this sh*t and give less skips just for building 1 hour 5 hour 24 hours skips only...

Not everyone wants to keeps looking on their running armies remove skips so we can send 15 attacks at a time on camp without using skips


  • Rajan37 (IN1)Rajan37 (IN1) Posts: 5,838
    Now go to sleep get sober and think about how absolutely stupid it is what you just suggested.
    I'm  not sure if that will work.
    "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong"
    ~Mahatma Gandhi
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