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Discussion thread: September update



  • Add A Deco For Top 20 in Blood and Fc Instead Of That Random Gem and We Get a Gem in top 50 so I think There Should Be a Deco for Top 20 In Fc Bc Like sams And Nomads

    A lvl 9 gem is already pretty good, we don't need a deco reward from every event, sams and nomads is enough. 
    I propose a lvl 9 gem + 50 something feathers to make it more exciting
  • No bloodcrow  castles to attack but they can attack us,  nothing really working right . not so good ,when you going to fix it ?
  • there is wrong with highs competition, we have to get points from marauder, but there is no him, so no points... :)
  • the nobility contest not working 

    non ruby player ..30/30rv in fire
  • the nobility contest not working 

    GGS are also not working
  • Madara. (INT1)Madara. (INT1) INT1 Posts: 165
    if  we got the ruby *2  ( doubler ) and we have 100% bounse would they work together ? 

    and if we have offer for samurai or nomaids boster and we got ruby doubller  they work together ? 

  • if  we got the ruby *2  ( doubler ) and we have 100% bounse would they work together ? 

    and if we have offer for samurai or nomaids boster and we got ruby doubller  they work together ? 

    I hear that the 100% offer doesnt work together with any other ruby doublers
  • so where is samurai?
  • so where is samurai?
    wondering aswell...

  • pit bull (GB1)pit bull (GB1) GB1 Posts: 22
    any idea when sams start
  • douwew (NL1)douwew (NL1) NL1 Posts: 157
    Glory record
    douwew @ nl 1

  • CopyClop (GB1)CopyClop (GB1) Posts: 62
    edited 10.09.2017
    any idea when sams start
    prob 12 25 because thats when invader started  i believe.

  • It has been quite a few weeks since goodgame said they were working on a new PvP mechanic, so can we please get some news with regards to that?? 

    I am bored out of my mind with these grindy and repetitive events. I couldn't care less that you are updating the rewards in the events, cause it's the same boring gameplay. Give players more of a reason to PvP, so players like me want to keep playing this game. Or don't I guess if you only care about players who solely play events.
    MrKennyKRH lvl 800 @ skn 1
  • any non buyers were able to get 160k gallantry with the short beri?  i only managed 90k gonna get 100k but not long time 
    Yup, made 370k...free player mode. 


    The Gentleman @ WWW 1
  • What and when is the next LTPE coming and what will be the reward set
    cast or comm ?
  • FL4k (LT1)FL4k (LT1) LT1 Posts: 9

    now this is awesome september offer
  • http://prntscr.com/gjvpdd

    now this is awesome september offer
    Had it same time as time skip offer, great offer by GGE 
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    Interestingly I had a slightly different offer but the return I was offered was better than yours not entirely sure why?

    Batten @ en 1
  • I have suggestion for you guys:

    1. Look item purchase should be available all the time with the flexibility that player can choose for how many days players wants to buy the item. based on no. of days price should change.
    2. Gem should be removed automatically and available in the player store house rather than disappearing.
    3. GGE should come up with the option to choose what player wants to buy according to player budget, rather than forcing them, like I am getting only 85K rubies offer and minimum 50K for triplet offer. During booster offer it's really hard for me to go for it, I do agree gge is giving me more benefit when price is high but what if I don't have budget for the offer giving by gge but I have budget for low offers which is available for others but not for me.
    4. Booster offer should not be bundled with tools and troops.
    5. Again, we should have option to choose for how many hours I want to get booster

    Overall GGE should come up with flexibility in the offer, it should be customer oriented not GGE oriented.
    I feel like, GGE Business Unit doesn't know how to do proper business.

    They should hire me to increase there ROI :P

  • The update is very good  :):D

    But removing gems becomes very expensive !!!  :'(:'(:'(:o
    Seriously???  What the F%^#!!  now it cost gold to put it on and RUBIES (A HELLA LOT OF EM) TO REMOVE.  Not to mention the cost it takes to MAKE the damn things.  Serious highway robbery.
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