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Update Summary -06/09/2017| ⌚ ~ 11.00-13.00 CEST | ⌛ Downtime ~ 120 mins

ang1243 (GB1)ang1243 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,834
Brave warriors,

Here is our patch notes summary for the upcoming update!


  • Increase Equipment Storage [LINK]

  • Battle Report Improvements [LINK]

  • Monthly Content Package [LINK]

    • War of the Bloodcrows Reward Changes

    • Battle of Berimond Rewards

    • Appreciation quest

    • New Research levels

    • Gem removal costs

  • Khan's revenge changes [LINK] 

Additional Changes:

  • It is not possible anymore to take advantage of offers that are actually not running anymore. We reworked our offer system to prevent this behavior. From now on you can only combine offers that are really active and not expired.

  • The ruby loot for robber baron castles in all kingdoms (not including fortresses) and Berimond watchtowers has been reduced by 50%. This decision is based on our thorough analysis and decreasing the outcome is a necessary change, since too much premium currency is pouring into the game. In the past, we introduced too many features where players could grind hard currency for free and we lost control over our own economy - similar to the recent wishing well changes, which were necessary for the game economy as well.

    This change of ruby loot will not be an isolated re-balance, and is part of a broader re-balancing plan which we are currently working on and that players will be able to experience soon. With the re-balancing, we want to provide a fairer and more compelling game experience to all our players. It will include (but not exclusively) topics such as the adjustment of prices in all our ruby vendors and provide a more streamlined progression through the game.

    As a company, we're behaving similarly to a country, which also needs to gain control over its own economy and currency flow. Changing the outcome is not being done in order to demotivate players, it's necessary in order to gain control over the economy again and not damage the game in the long run. Our goal is a healthier in-game economy that creates a fairer game experience for all our players, and this measure brings us a step closer to achieving this.

    We will continue to actively monitor data surrounding this feature change, and we may readjust the feature once the currency flow is under control.

  • The cooldown duration for the skill reset costs in the Hall of Legends has been increased from 7 to 15 days. Since our last changes (from 30 down to 7 days) in one of our previous updates, we continuously analysed our data, resulting in increasing the time a bit again.

  • The new nomad castellan Armor of the Eastern Raiders and the new samurai commander Armor of Kiruga Yoshiro will finally make their debut in the game! We already announced it in one of our previous updates but we had to postpone the release of these two types of equipment sets. You can get the set items as TopX rewards. Items from this set will rotate with every event iteration of the appropriate event.

Upcoming Events - September 2017 [LINK]


  • Equipment: Fixed a tooltip issue where the percentage sign in hero stats was missing for defense limit on the wall

  • Berimond: Amount of troops to send is now capped as intended

  • Events - Nomads: Point conditions for nomad event are now adjusted to the new event mechanic

  • Technical: "Connection is not secure" warning is not shown in Firefox after opening the castle overview anymore

You can discuss these changes HERE!

The plan is to release the update  this week on the 31.08.2017 between 10am (CEST) and 2pm (CEST). The Downtime is planned to be around ~60 minutes. But as always, do not take this times as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Empire Family
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