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Discussion thread: September update



  • Charon (GB1)Charon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 48
    I might be in the minority but it looks to have been the right and most sensible course of action not to go ahead with the update.  Unless I misread it it could have reversed fully teched equipment from 20 back to zero removed gems as high as level 12/13 and removed equipment to the value of the Elementalist set.  If it a choice between plouging on and putting our assets at risk or stopping telling us there is a problem and taking the time to fix it before bringing it in I think GGE in this instance made the right call and I personally support them in this instance.  I think this is what we asked for. People on the Chn server who actually potentially suffered real losses can feel a little aggrieved but at this stage I think it might be worth giving whoever picked up the problem and prevented it being a disaster some credit and thanks for doing their job.  At worse we lost some time on the Lotus Event and we know now given the advent of tokens and the ability of the designers to allow us at a later date to complete sets of equipment as with the Kala Castellan that they can make it right using that equipment tent token mechanism if it isn't possible to extend the event.  Right now their priority is to resolve the bug I'd guess they will get to looking at the impact on players individually and at what more the can do to support those who don't get equipment sets completed as a result as a secondary though important concern.  

    In terms of what can be done to help players effected on a server by server basis there are a number of steps alliances and players can actually take to help those effected in server.  We get gifts focus those on those players in your alliances, pacted or allied alliances affected going for the rewards.  Send them food to allow them to build bigger armies than they can normally sustain to help them hit.  Work out now when they are going to use the 3hr boost and ensure the support is available to them at that point when they most need it.  Share techniques and tips for increasing the rate of generation of Event points to the maximum level.  For example the technique Ang talked about for completing the event in a day or two days is called bridging which involves timing the season point boosters triggering to allow you to run from one boost into the next so the boosts run concurrently.  You can technically trigger three of the four boosts in one run if you time it right and have time.  Most players can't do that because of time constraints but it is possible for an average player like me to do so if more of the talented guys were willing to share we probably could as a player base do something positive to help those effected.  I've done okay this time round so happy to share what I have learnt if it helps.  

    Technically the update was a response to the extra equipment storage we asked for so given GGE have tried to provide this despite the level of technical complexity involved I think it will be worth a small wait to ensure it's right.  I personally have faith this time they'll sort it and we will see real benefits as a result.  The Masterbuilder research alone is incredibly valuable if used in the right way.  
    Well said, sir! 
  • the least you can do is send every player a thing of lube in mail. cause its starting to hurt when you put it in dry

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  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,814
    what i don't understand is that they have a laugh about it (anguis)  you alle should be fully ashamed for this 
    Hey @flug (NL1)

    I don't actually work for GGS, I'm a player like you :D 

    then i apologize to you. :)    But GGE still should be ashamed ;)
    flug @ nl 1
  • I see that a lot of people talking about the lotus-event, but I'm trying to collect al the 20 rewards of the Ivory Queen commander. 
    I was hoping to attack 75 crows in 2 days and use the other 2 days at Berimond to collect the 150.000 points.
    In 2 days, this is not possible to do both,
    Now it's waiting till the first of octobre to continue this event, that's a big delay.

    bruijsend blond @ nl 1
  • oh boy... a 3 hour booster for 2 full days lost. How kind of GGS. Maybe just roll back to a working version and start up the event like any respectable dev would do.
    tonyal @ usa 1
  • Defectus (US1)Defectus (US1) US1 Posts: 1,199
    oh boy... a 3 hour booster for 2 full days lost. How kind of GGS. Maybe just roll back to a working version and start up the event like any respectable dev would do.
    Yes exactly and we have to activate it during BC's too. The players I know don't activate boosters during BC/FC invasions and I'm sure that goes for almost everyone... We're going to have a minimal use for this booster. I probably won't even use it so that I can just use the normal one during samurai.
    TheBlueIcicle    US1

    I don't play this game anymore.
  • kookiekooks (US1)kookiekooks (US1) US1 Posts: 259
    I am having problems with GGE now, a lot of things are smaller http://prntscr.com/ghx9qj
    It is so annoying, I can't read the words properly without coming close to my screen with my face. I asked other if they had the same problem and they didn't. How do I fix this?

    There are at least 2 ways.  One is to adjust the size of the screen in your browser settings.  If leas than 100% change it to 100% if at 100% try 125%.  The second is to adjust the screen in the game by using the zoom option (top right of the screen)
    kookiekooks @ usa 1
  • skip BC, give us sams with an extra day... take the weekend to figure out the issues.... thanks for the food....
  • Shares (AU1)Shares (AU1) AU1 Posts: 575
    why not just extend the dates? .. a couple days into October shouldnt hurt anything...
    Shares @ au 1
  • LordLucky (GB1)LordLucky (GB1) Posts: 5
    edited 07.09.2017
    Thanks for screwing us all over by having three total days of the Lotus event, so far, without any way to make any headway in the game?!?!?!?  This crap company will go under with this horrible management. You cancel the wishing well and offer no compensation for the rubies we put into upgrading the stupid thing, cut rubies earned in attacks by half, and screw us out of three days so far on the Lotus event.  I hope you all end up on the soup line, you pieces of garbage!!!
    Post edited by LordLucky (GB1) on
  • To be honest, I really don't understand why GGS is not capable to properly implement this update.

    If I look at how much money we all invest in this game (and more importantly, how much money my alliance lets our opponents invest in this game :smile:), I really don´t understand why GGS does not attract capable game developers. How do they plan on keeping this game viable without a proper workforce?

    I simultaneously notice that many of the improvements implemented during the last year (e.g. offering game enhancing bargains instead of bargains containing ridiculous amounts of soldiers which imbalance the game) have been reversed. Is this a final attempt to squeeze the players before shutting down the game?
    its because according to many company reviews by former employees, the management treats their workforce as poorly as they do their customers. no respect for talent, creativity, or opinions other than their own lackluster plans, and very poor pay and benefits to boot. no decent workers with any kind of self-respect would work for them, which leaves the kind of employees that do this kind of crap work ;)
    GGS does not care about your feedback because most just keep buying rubies anyway!! this game is addictive and they know it. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP BUYING, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. don't say you're upset, SHOW THEM YOU'RE UPSET!!!!

    the same applies to all walks of life. many who are greedy get away with it because we allow it to continue. we give them their power because we choose not to stand against it as a whole. some do, but it's not enough. people need to learn that they hold the power, and they can take that power away.
  • edited 07.09.2017
    INB4 delay of Sept 7 update. 
    INB4 BMang1243 realizes that volunteering his time for GGE was a bad idea.Go save whales, spend time with family, or work at a charity.
    INB4 another meaningless GGE "gift box"

    and to remedy GGE induced depression:

  • detedudu (INT2)detedudu (INT2) Posts: 352
    edited 07.09.2017
    Poland has had the update live for about a week now? Can someone tell me why Poland does not experience these issues but every other server does? Every server should have the same coding in them, or have i missed anything?

    @BM ang1243
    @BM Neroxnex
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,814
    skip BC, give us sams with an extra day... take the weekend to figure out the issues.... thanks for the food....
    :)   work in weekend?????
    flug @ nl 1
  • Hori (GB1)Hori (GB1) GB1 Posts: 71
    GGS - why do you hate us?
    Hori @ en 1
  • Not even a warning when the update starts???!!! come on
    Diana2191 @ nl 1
  • jamman (US1)jamman (US1) US1 Posts: 134
    U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E  :s
    jamman @ usa 1
  • they are all on a coffebreak thats begins from 8.00 to 18.00 
    Diana2191 @ nl 1
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