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Forum Event ~ Art Competition Submissions Thread



  • BIGTtheMULLER (INT1)BIGTtheMULLER (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,171
  • Madara. (INT1)Madara. (INT1) INT1 Posts: 165
    edited 26.08.2017

    THIS IS I CALL   DRAGON LORD  :smiley:      i hope  u guys like it and i did spend a good time and effort on it  please  pot ur coment about what u think :-)  

    makeing this was a good experinse and it was leatel chalnging and i was bothering all my frind in and out of game about it  and i didnt leasten to no one of them and did what i thoght is good :D   wish all like it  

    oh  this is  the lutos king 
    regards  MADARA 
  • Wiglema (NL1)Wiglema (NL1) NL1 Posts: 654
    My submission:

    Unfortunately I don't know the name of this character.
    Nevertheless I like him, because he supplies my soldiers with a steady flow of food.
    Originally he looks like this:

    The major challenge was finding the right LEGO pieces, in particular because I had to compete with my son, who was searching pieces for his own artwork using pieces from the same box full of LEGO.
    Wiglema (NL1)
  • Wiglema (NL1)Wiglema (NL1) NL1 Posts: 654
    My son's submission (also see the above comments):

    The original can be seen in the previous post. ;)

    My son's in-game name is private, so in case his in-game name is needed, just send a PM to me.
    Wiglema (NL1)
  • Provider (US1)Provider (US1) US1 Posts: 20
    General Akechi is the character.

    My in-game name is Bkals24

    This drawing depicts the general preparing for war against his arch enemies, the samurai. One of the pitfalls that I believe I overcame with this drawing, was maximizing his facial expressions. This was very tricky, and I decided to add in a smile. 
  • Thank you all for your submissions! This thread is now closed as myself and the team evaluate all of your hard work and creative designs. We will get back and post the winners in around 7-10 days after we reach a decision.

    Please note that spamming BMs, CMs, or anyone else with GoodGame Studios asking about the results before we publish them will NOT get the results published sooner. We will let everyone know at once. Spamming staff may lower your chances, so please be patient. Any inappropriate spam to staff may warrant additional action being taken.

    However if you do have any questions or concerns about this event not relating to the results feel free to PM me!
  • The results for this competition can now be found here.
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