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How to Save PvP

Dear GGS, If people do more PvP, more people will buy rubies trying to outdo each other. To sell rubies stop trying to make each hit more costly, because that makes people more cautious. Just make people more casual about hitting each other. Rubies will sell, and people will have more fun.

1) Make midrange moat tools (-10% ones) available somewhere without rubies (maybe along with peasants for aqua, or in the nomad/sami shops)
2) Make half of unused tools come back after a loss.
3) Make honor rewards way more valuable across the entire spectrum. Multiply the current ones by ten if you aren't feeling very creative.

Well that'd be a start.


  • 1. Good idea, moat tools are expensive and there's no way to earn them

    2. If all the troops die, then there won't be any left to carry anything, not realistic

    3. More honor= more glory during FL/bloodcrows

  • 2. If all the troops die, then there won't be any left to carry anything, not realistic

    As the others have said, there is nothing realistic about this game, so realism should not be a factor when deciding gameplay design. What is important is to improve the gameplay experience for us players, even if it might not be realistic.

    Tools is a major reason why PvP is dying. It is bonkers how expensive it is when you use 6 waves. Goodgame has to do something drastic to make players want to participate in PvP again, and making it so our unused tools return, even if we lose the battle, that could be one way of doing it.
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  • overlord90098 (GB1)overlord90098 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,798
    maybe reduce the legend levels to a smaller number and when GGE adds new levels they actually mean something 
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  • zeus1998 (GB1)zeus1998 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 356
    1.moat tools are purposely expensive as the moat battle can be key to a win, as most people cover ranged, wall and gate leaving moat.

    therefore the moat reduction left behind is added to the melee troop strength.

    but i'd love a way to earn them.

    2. won't happen as GGE get more money as they are.

    3.honour rewards used to be valuable armourer tools, i wish they'd bring it  back, but unlikely to change minds

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  • maybe reduce the legend levels to a smaller number and when GGE adds new levels they actually mean something 
    Then you're just pissing on all the people who worked hard to get to 800 and are still working hard to get to 800. 

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