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Personal prime time question

so talking about the persona; prime times (150%/200%)  . I have been waiting for months to get them i already got the 150% many times but skipped them to get the 200% so now after update i didnot see a 150% again it has been 2 weeks now

any 1 knows if i will be getting it again or not ?

 or do i have to buy many times now to get those?

faris2 @ en 1


  • One less popup. This is good :smiley:

    From their message, it sounds like you have it right. GGE is just reducing the people who will buy with this. Instead of tying it to something these 150 and 200 bonuses should come up for all regardless of purchases. No personal ones at all. 
    It seems some mod with a Napoleon Complex likes deleting people's signatures. Get a life. I called you on your BS and you single me out. Again. Get a life.

    Not buying a single ruby. Not feeding the gluttonous pig known as GGE. You have lost our trust!
  • Neoptolemus (US1)Neoptolemus (US1) Posts: 58
    edited 11.08.2017
    It's a 150% Ruby bonus. Every threshold you pass, you get the 1.5 x's added. I would be skeptical making an $800 investment all at once being unsure if the calculations come out right. Sometimes I have trust issues

    BUT, this is much much better. Good job GGE... I still doubt this will pop up with frequent compulsive buyers tough, and I'd prefer to see either a 150% or 200% Prime Time offer straight up since I can visually see what I'm going to get and not have to worry about getting ripped off.

    Good Job GGE! You guys are making a come back :)

  • well according to what i read here on forum .whaty I understood was that the more you buy the more you will get ruby offers from now on.
    faris2 @ en 1

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