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8/2/2017 update

some of updates are not bad    but!!!!!!!!! the overview

the overview is not as simple as it was    used to be only had look at one page see what going on now i have to hit tabs and read a book

i think you should add extra tabs to the original read out the extra tabs for the new update show the amounts of skip time etc(update tabs)

this overview update has spread everything out it was  easier when was all together like sending troops and tools to another op you can see what other op and  kingdoms have in 1 glance now have to search for everything
same with the commander and castllan overview instead of being 1 page view i have read a book now!!!

i don not like the upgrade it is taking away the simple and adding more tabs to click to find what you looking for
when it was all there on one page
you went from a few clicks to 5 and more clicks to look for everything  now i got to keep note pad to remember what each different screen has
i take simple over eye candy any day
thank you
SumTing Wong @ usa 1


  • detedudu (INT2)detedudu (INT2) Posts: 353
    edited 02.08.2017
    Didn't you already make a thread about the exact same thing?
  • was looking for place that gge might read it and see my post
    SumTing Wong @ usa 1
  • was looking for place that gge might read it and see my post

    The chances of your multi threads getting deleted is higher than the chance of gge to ever see your thread..

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