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Fooood!!! A strong knight requires a good meal and a pint of beer after an exciting battle. How can the shaking hands of a weary warrior hold his sword and shield with a stomach filled with nothing but glory and victory?! We know you are always attentive to this resource and so we prepared a nice feature for you to avoid desertions of your troops due to intentional downtimes.

  Starvation during intentional downtimes

We are glad to present you with one of the most requested community features! One of the most annoying things with downtimes is not even the fact you cannot enjoy our game for 30-45 minutes (though that one is pretty up there, we know), but the disappointment that sets in when you return to your castle after maintenance to find a fleeing army, disgruntled and unfed vagrants of the Great Kingdom. Even if you do not lose them to the ravages of a rumbly tummy, it always takes a lot of time to prepare and distribute the food you need to feed all your units until the downtime is over. Well this feature changes things: 

  • During our maintenance players will not lose troops due to starvation.

  • During this time your units will not consume food, but food will also not be produced in any of your locations.

  • This system will not affect the production of other resources.

  • You will now see fewer troop desertions after intentional downtimes.

Disclaimer: We would like to clarify what intentional and unintentional downtimes are. By intentional downtimes we rare referring to scheduled periods of time during which the server is deactivated to update the game, perform hotfixes or general maintenance. Unintentional (or unscheduled) downtimes happen when servers shut down due to power loss, hard drive crashes, bugs that limit access to the game etc. This system can only be applied for intentional downtimes that we are previously aware of and are within our control.

  Increase equipment storage

We previously mentioned to you that we were aiming to increase equipment storage with our next update. We know it’s something you have all been asking for a lot and you would like to see more space in equipment storage as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the feature won’t be rolled out for you with this update, but never fear! It is still planned and we are doing our best to implement this change with the update after next one.

You can ask questions about the update as usual HERE in this thread.

This is just the first of many teasers, we will soon be revealing more in the comments of this thread.
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