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Dead players

I'm in an alliance where the leaders and all the officers are dead, but their names remain and we can do nothing to get the alliance moving again.  How do we get around this ?


  • douwew (NL1)douwew (NL1) NL1 Posts: 157
    You can't leave the alliance and go to a better alliance or make one by yourself. 
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    douwew @ nl 1

  • you can either;
    1) wait until the castles are removed
    2) leave the alliance and join/create a new one
  • The Correct Place to ask this would be in Players ask Players, not Technical assistance
    Please do care from next time. :)
    Himanshu mitta7 @ INDIA 1
    CHV and UAL family keeps fighting and blaming each other for destroying server.
    But its their fight actually destroying everything.
    I need your Feedback on this Suggestion, please give it your time.
    Get rid of the fucking in-game pop-up ads GGE.
  • Shadow_21 (AU1)Shadow_21 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,370
    well if there are a few of you active...id suggest go make an alliance yourself, bringing all active players from that aliance over there 

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