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New Player Information

I am starting this thread as a place to post questions I am asked by brand new players, to serve as a reference. There is only so much room on the alliance notice board and it should be used for alliance specific notices more so than general Q&A.  
Experienced players are invited to input their advice, explanations, and tips. 

This forum is recommended as an excellent source of information from experienced players. 

Also, this website is excellent as well: https://www.ggeguide.com/
Someone put a lot of work and effort into making that site. 


  • Q: How do you send support to an alliance member?

    When you see the alert in the upper left quadrant of the screen indicating an attack on an alliance member and showing the time until it hits you can click on the alert and get more information, e.g. the source of the attack and the target of the attack. 

    Click on the target of the attack and you will be taken to the kingdom map and shown the target. Clicking on the target brings up that circle with options around it, the "i" for info on the player, the box for donating resources to them, etc. When that alliance member has an incoming attack one of the options is labeled "support". Click on it. 

    You will then be able to choose from your own soldiers. Be sure you choose from your defensive soldiers. You can send all of them by clicking autofill, or you can manually choose how many of each to send. 

    Next you choose whether to speed up the stationing of your support troops, and how much to spend to speed them up. Note how long the alert says it will be until the attack hits. If your fastest speed option, the white flag race horses or the most rubies, will take longer than the attack time then there is no sense in sending support. 
    Post in chat that you cannot support him or her in time. 
    This will alert other members who may not have noticed the incoming attack. One of them may be able to get support there in time. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure you and your alliance members know how to set up castle defenses with tools, troops positioning, upgraded walls and towers, and guardhouses. 
    Sending support to a castle with very weak defensive setup will usually result in the total loss of the support troops, unless the attack is very weak. 
  • What are NPC and how do you tell if a castle is NPC or not?

    Non Player Castles (NPC) are targets you can attack to gain experience, glory, resources, and equipment without starting a war. They include the robber baron towers, which are always on the board, as well as temporary and recurring targets such as Samurai camps, Foreign Lord castles, Nomad camps, and Bloodcrow castles. 

    If you are unsure if a castle or camp is an NPC, place your cursor on the target and note the description. If there is a circle of options with an "i" you know it is a real person, and not an NPC. 
    NPCs will be labled, usually as one of the above. 
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    Nice work, we really needed something like this in forums. The old posts are too old to be searched and is good to have something like this.
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     I'm a ghost, but i'm still here.
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