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Defending 6 waves attacks ;)

Enjoy ! Subscribe if you like :P


  • Kozmo (US1)Kozmo (US1) Posts: 373
    Very nice!!!!!! :)
    Troll Nation
  • Muffins 2.0 (ASIA1)Muffins 2.0 (ASIA1) Posts: 2,941ASIA1
    Nice video, btw i subscribed to your channel :)
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  • OxO (AU1)OxO (AU1) Posts: 962
    Subbed just for the music lol

  • Enjoy ! Subscribe if you like :P
    Wow!  that looks like a good amount of victories!  Good job man! :-)
    HardCase @ usa 1
  • marc58 (GB1)marc58 (GB1) Posts: 836GB1
    Great video ......one error when changing gems.....should have replaced for free and added cheap gem and replaced for free....gd defending tho
  • good job one thing.... 

    make sure to get at least a couple level 10 build items....

    Also i am only legendary level 157 and i have over 500 troops on wall (dont wanna specify) I know someone who had 700 so you can probably get up there

    Great video.

    Can you talk in one of your videos about your alliance? 

  • Great video :) We have the pleasure of having Vish in our USA1 alliance :) All the best to you.
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  • as for the player very good
    dying fetus @ usa 1
  • Swantombomb1Swantombomb1 Posts: 102GB1
    All slits but then 70m/30r?

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