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Well I thought I would post some CON drama. They apparently like to talk crap about their own teammates take a look at this glorious message showing how much they think of each other. I guess JoeJoe does not think much of NoblemanRyan26 or Scotty seahawk since they are both next to me and he says that if I were next to a good player like him I would not be doing anything lol. Joejoe seriously if I am so bad like you say why did Scotty move in by me and lose 25k troops in 3 days? If I am so bad why does Ryan get wiped daily and lose a minimum of 2 buildings a day? If I am so terrible why is it that out of 100+ enemies you chose to put a negative storm title on me? You say I feel big right now but my time will come.....How many more are you planning on sending because by my calculations you have no one left to send lol. It sure seems like CON did all it could I mean Scotty is your 3rd biggest player and he is getting blown out of the water......Maybe if you send Negan you can save Ryan from his inevitable fate.... Oh wait she is occupied trying to keep CHZ and Avmazingvkozyrev from quitting. I mean if I were them I would feel pretty bad too. I mean Avk is down to what a total of 3 granaries left in his main? This message from joejoe shows perfectly why CON lost 6000+ players from its giant family. Well now there are 97 left and counting. TICK TOCK CON your time has come. 

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    I think I got the most flags, so I win
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  • KoN needs Jerry Springer and Dr Phil for its issues
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