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French Election

Haskell (US1)Haskell (US1) Posts: 217
edited 07.05.2017 in Off Topic
Were you rooting for Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen to win the French Election?
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  • Le Pen!
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  • Haskell (US1)Haskell (US1) Posts: 217
    edited 07.05.2017
    Donald Trump.


  • who ever isnt the liberal and nobody gives a f*** about the french election if u do post this on the french forum
    Apparently I'm nobody.


  • Marine Le Pen
  • I was'nt really rooting for anyone in the french election this time around but i think it has been a very interesting and quite unpredictable election although it became quite clear at the end that macron would win it, as all the other parties united behind him as a barrier against le pen and to stop her from becoming president. now though macron will have the hard task of trying to put in place his policies which are quite liberal reforms and these will be met with opposition.
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