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Discussion Thread: Gem Cap Stats



  • mikeru (INT1)mikeru (INT1) INT1 Posts: 35
    ggs team - before doing anything it would be better to think things through

    with this you are basically forcing us all to have same commanders and castellans since the caps are there and we have no real options - if that is your goal why in all that is holy did you introduce first equipment and later gems and heroes? if we all have same then no need to have at all, i can remember the time where there was no equipment, heroes or gems, all that was for fighting was tools and with your newest "GREAT" plan you are going back to that. What happened with the time and money spent to get all the things we got in meanwhile? you are basically throwing it all away

    maybe all your balancing of the game you will only achieve in balancing all the players out of the game

    the first inbalance you did in game is that with buying rubies there are many advantages - anything after that is just a consequence of that - and that is something that cannot be fixed by any actions - the game is in itself unbalanced and in that it is like life - there are people that have more and those that have less - with hard work you can achieve more

    in all the years i've played i've worked hard to get where i am today, and with many of the recent actions taken you are throwing all the work in my face - and i bet there are many players same as me
    even more of an insult is it to those that spend great amounts of money in this game

    no matter what compensation you cook up with this is simply not something you can compensate us for - you say we will be able to remove gems for free for a period of time  (gee wow thanks) and what are we supposed to do with the gems then?
    we can't really use them, especially not all of them because of the caps - so again what compensation??

    i hope that unlike many times before you actually do rethink this based on peoples responses allthough i am not holding my breath on it - there have been many instances where despite outrage from your loyal customers you went through with things and probably with every one you lost more and more of those loyal customers

    i would agree with arcana. 
    the challenge of the game before this stupid capping plan is how to get stronger and beat the best on the map. 
    now with the cap plan, we are all going back to the olden days of wood and stones to fight war. 
    i see:
    1st - GGS do not have the capability of hiring good programmers to curtail bot providers. Instead of fighting with bot providers, they clipped the players who are paying to play the game. Where is GGS brains???
    2nd - because they have this updates which have a great imbalance effect, they now says "oops, that was not what we intented", it's like hello!??? where did all your brains gone out?
    3rd - the cap plans is just plain stupid and not very well thought. 
    4th - instead of finding good plans to improve games, the less brainers of GGS thought of resetting everything, why not take down the server as well????

    jamvancouver @ WWW 1
  • Mikeshot2 (GB1)Mikeshot2 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 301

    So we can remove the gems paid for in hard work, cash  and rubies for free? Whoopee - where do we trade them in for rubies refund etc?

    GGE - You just don't appear to have a clue - Sorry this is pathetic ! 

  • T412 (US1)T412 (US1) US1 Posts: 98
    I think since gge is so disengaged from the game u should limit CY as well and just completely piss off every customer u've had and just make the game implode.. I see gge peeps needing to get a different job real soon cuz nobody is going to buy ur BS on the trend u peeps going toward, u know like u walking urself off a cliff and u ain't wearing a parachute or have a safety line..
    they probably have a CY gem in the works that'll be like 300k rubies a pop : 3
    T412 @ usa 1

    *MISC crew*
    *GGE crew*
    *Too nervous to talk to SIRI crew*

  • dylan42 (US1)dylan42 (US1) US1 Posts: 158
    update is stupid, retarded and crap just like gge, hire some people for closed server that give you good ideas instead of ones without a brain.

  • K1LLER (US1)K1LLER (US1) US1 Posts: 561
    update is stupid, retarded and crap just like gge, hire some people for closed server that give you good ideas instead of ones without a brain.
    GGE employees be like

  • The only reason GGE limitng fires is to lure peeps into thinking they have to have lvl4 Fire Stations.. its not about equality its about greed, solely greed.. If any of the peeps working for gge has an Iq above 35 I'd be highly surprised.. better rub them 2 nickles u got in ur pocket and find urself lucky cuz u ain't getting shyt from me..
  • Like many others I have been playing this game every day for a number of years.  I can not recall an update that retroactively punishes players as this one does. You reaped the benefit from your customers hard work and now the product they paid for is worthless.  As said above there really is no adequate compensation.   I believe this update will dramatically change the landscape of this game and not for the better.  

    You comment that combinations occurred that were unforeseen and there is an imbalance.   I think this will always be the case.  Players will always be looking for an edge against each other.  This update will limit the possibilities and make the game less enjoyable to play.  This is a war strategy game.  The longer I play the less strategy there seems to be.  

    Please rethink this update.
  • LadyWolfe (US1)LadyWolfe (US1) US1 Posts: 122
    Hi all,

    Sorry, I had to run as soon as I posted the main announcement, and I didnt' have time to setup this discussion thread at the time ;) Feel free to let us know what you think of the stats released, I'll go through and answer the questions already queried right now.

    This incredible nerf to gems is absurd and an insult to players. The devs are telling us they don't value player creativity and are desperate to control everything to the point of making all casts and coms become the same.

    I'll probably just submit a delete request rather than protest further.
    Maybe we can find a bot to help with the delete account requests and forward it to GGE.
    LadyWolfe @ usa 1.
    Proud member of MISC: United
    Survivor of 2 Server Wars

  • Diavolo (US1)Diavolo (US1) US1 Posts: 655

    @BM ang1243

    Please be sure to pass along to the powers that be when they do get around to deciding compensation for GGE's mistake and lack of foresight all that players have put into these gems.

    First and foremost the cost: All these Eagle and Elemental gems many of us purchased for the sole reason of making unique combos. These cost us 499K rubies and no less than a full  refund is acceptable.

    Second, other specialty gems: (City Event, Kala, Crow) Most players put tons of effort, spent lots of rubies, tools, etc into earning these gems, many also with the understanding they could be used on other sets to go above caps. There should be a compensation of 50-100k rubies for each of these gems as well

    Third: coin cost of teching sets we will no longer even use without these unique gem combos. Its going to be back to the drawing board for many comms/casts and many of us will have wasted millions and millions of coins teching sets we will no longer us. I don't know how to be fair, but there should be a huge server wide coin compensation.

    There will be many other unintended or unknown consequences with going through with this update and no matter what GGE does many will still be disgusted. For me the change would be borderline acceptable if the above 3 suggestions were followed at a minimum.

    Thank You

    ps, during this update may be an excellent time to increase our gem and armor inventories by at least 50 armor and 100 gems to give us room to remove and rework these sets.

    You're absolutely correct in terms of compensation.

    But there's no "going back to the drawing board." Now it's "take any com or cast, add gems, get the same com or cast that everyone can make."
    Hidingfromyou @ usa 1
  • TwistedMind (GB1)TwistedMind (GB1) Posts: 309
    edited 29.04.2017
    I think the main problem is that people have been adding gems to commanders that GGS didn't think would be natural. Why not make it so gems can only be attatched to the comms/casts that they want the gems and casts to make sense on?
    People just have the right to attach Gems they Won, Bought, or Conquered the way they like!..
    Once they adquire them in a fairly way.. They did not steal them or anything else..

    So it is part of the game as people grow level they try get stronger as they can.. Just to survive...

    It is rather stupid and insane come now, at this time saying that we can not do this or do that with Gems... And try to limit the whole thing...

     ... Get a Grip Slobs ....


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  • BM ang1243 Posts: 2,990
    26.04.2017 edited 26.04.2017 in Update Announcements
    Hi Everyone,

    Last friday another “community roundtable” took place in the German speaking community. The 'Talkrunde' is a podcast that involves the production team and the players directly communicating, discussing various ways in which to improve the game, and in some cases discussing feedback on recent updates. This was the first opportunity for the Q2+Q3 Roadmap to be fully discussed in the Talkrunde format. 

    If anyone is able to speak German, we would like to at least offer you the chance to listen to the 'Talkrunde' (aka Roundtable). You can find the recording here, you can also find the previous Roundtables on the same channel.

    For those of you who aren't fluent in German, we have provided a summary of the discussion below. TL;DR? These were the points discussed:
    • Loot
    • Gem Caps
    • Alliance Rewards
    • Booster Boxes
    • Troops won in Events
    • Maintenance Times
    • Berimond Kingdom
    • Lack of Variety
    • 200% Prime Time
    • Royal Capital Event
    • Private Resource Villages
    Talkrunde #7 Participants:

    Goodgame representatives: 
    Nina (Head of Studio), Hinrich (Producer), Tobi (Balancing), Danny (Support & QA), Frank (Design), Flo (QA)
    DE Community Representatives
    Jeshi (Conversation Moderator), Bruno5, Bayern1998, DoMe33, Fousel, FreeThomas, Suki MacRadi, RoNo13

    well as been said alredy ,give global voting IN GAME to all, why letting some tards on Beta server or test server to decide what is best for rest of players, or like in this case u let DE server to decide what is the best for like 15 other servers, who are they to decide that ????
    @[email protected]"BM ang1243 " @BM Neroxnex @BM Xeckz  why there is no some International community Representatives ??? like 3-5 players from every server, not just picking few rich MF from DE server.
    so 14 peoples in total decided that gem rework is so badly needed, gem rework which will impact like 50k players. Did anyone saw that any player agreed with gem rework on this forum,NO. Then there is a question, if some from above mentioned "Jeshi (Conversation Moderator), Bruno5, Bayern1998, DoMe33, Fousel, FreeThomas, Suki MacRadi, RoNo13" tell u to delete game , will u do it??? grrr

  • Diavolo (US1)Diavolo (US1) US1 Posts: 655
    I don't like the idea of getting rid of the gems for fire cast's. Right now there is a strong imbalance between small lvl 70's and large lvl 70's with 6 waves. It's impossible to defend your castle when they attack. The only help that you had was a strong fire cast to save your castle from fire. This update would only benefit the larger players. 4 wave or even five wave players would have to open....IF they were online. only recourse would be to open our gates. This update would only tend to drive the smaller / newer player out of the game by eliminating the one option they have now.
    Now if you made it possible for players lvl 70-400 to -800 or 6 wave player to only hit 6 wave players at the same time you eliminated fire casts that would be fine .    But you won't do that  -- cuz the big boys spent too much money to have to fight against each other and take their lumps.     
    Honestly, before I delete I think I'll go around making every small player's life miserable.

    Hidingfromyou @ usa 1
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