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Discussion Thread: DE Community "talkrunde" Roundup #7



  • loot is essential for development -_-
    and removing that loot thing then whats the use of  loot bonuses inside game
    remove all loot things from defending side too then i will be equal :D
    war time loot bonus
    there wont be fun in looting in war time then :(

    Lokesh Jain (Mandaroke)
  • revwilly (US1)revwilly (US1) US1 Posts: 3
    I understand the concern to attract new players and allow for enjoyable play for occasional and lower level level players. I have found that the challenge, patience, and wit needed to become a powerful player is the most enjoyable part of the game. If GGE continues to despair of this "unbalance" issue they will continue to punish excellence. Why would you want to devalue the time and investment it takes to achieve top ratings. This is a war game after all and if you take out the natural Darwinism the result will resemble candy crush more than the terrific game that was created and has been enjoyed by so long term players across the globe.

    If you want to improve the game experience at all levels of play, I would suggest creating levels in the alliance rewards in events. Most of the complaining comes from the beginning alliances that have no chance to place no matter what they spend or how much effort they put forth.  All levels compete with alliances of like power.

    This concept seems to have worked well in the individual bonus, it should also in the alliance rewards.  Of course the lower alliance competition results in lessor rewards just like the individual rewards do. I think that many of the issues that result from negative experiences in rewards,i.e. starvation of bonus troops  happens to lower level players that do not have the infrastructure ( or the experience) to deal with that.  Feeding troops is the real balance between the different levels of buyers and players.  

    I like the reduced Berimond decay of gallantry. Some invest quite a bit in those titles and when the frequency of the event changed it did change the strategy for a lot of players.

    Most of the other changes seemed like post-modern politically correct communist bullshit designed to placate the whiners and the lazy.  
  • Well done GGS, pretty sure Coke II was a better idea.
    Lige14 @ usa 1
  • Morentz is spot on for improvements to the game or u can keep listening to fuk-tards..
  • @BM ang1243 

    Regarding the gem announcement:, it is utter shit. GGS is wrecking the only uniqueness to the game. 

    Regarding the loot fix: I very slightly understand why you are doing this, BUT players have made their own way of doing things and added a tweak to it. The bonus loot has made the game more enjoyable and has developed a strong GGE community within players of the USA1 server. 

    Regarding the starvation issue: Give the players their troops when they log on. Make it so event troops CAN'T pile up. If someone was not on for all of the Foreign Invasion, and then also The Nomad Invasion, only give them troops from the most recent event, in this case, Nomads and cancel all the Foreign Lord troops. 

    Do not wreck the game further GGS. They very minimum amout of players you have left will start to leave, and that is unchangeable fact.


  • @Plumpy21 (US1) No gems do not need to be changed, even the CY ones.

    If you can stack 15k or more support with an Ice or Kala castellan, know how to defend & have good tools up, you can beat a 2k+ 130CY hit fairly easily. You can get a positive K/D-R while doing so too. Even without those cast's I have seen regular legendary equipment 90/90s with 50-70CY beat fairly decent 5 wave hits from City & FL commanders. Albeit, barely at that.

    GGS shouldn't change this sort of thing, everything in the game, as busted as it is still has a counter if you really have a mind for tinkering & thinking outside the box.

    That skill ceiling is important. And already you can barely call it a skill ceiling if you put any thought into the "what ifs" with the game mechanics, it's pretty easy to figure out most of what people know, and then just have those other players confirm it. Just need to pay attention. It's easy. If you find it too hard, it's not that big of a stretch to make friends in the game and have them teach you then.

    I am all for the game being improved on, but GGS should improve the game and keep the variety, it will make the game more interesting, as more people will become competitive and then have to also delve into all these game mechanics.

    All that will happen by reducing variety is that a few people will figure out how the common weakness to the "cookie cutter" set up works, and then use it to stomp the **** out of people who don't know about it.

    You know, gaming, in general, is going on this trend of being ever more simplistic, and it's going to eventually wreck the gaming industry. However, that is a ways off. What would happen much sooner is that GGS jumps on the bandwagon & only wrecks GGS.

    I like your Roundtable Idea though.

    Possible contenders for those 10 Roundtable members for USA1.

    @Morentz (US1)

    @billdo09 (US1)

    @Hidingfromyou (US1)

    @Atticus Finger (US1)

    @Manatee (US1)

    @danielbannister (US1)

    @Devvin1875 (US1)

    @Helium (US1)

    @Lord Septimus (US1)

    @Friedrich IV (US1)

    MA, you accidentally forgot @Lige14 (US1)  Im sure it was just an accident, so whenever u could edit that post to put my name in there, thx

    Lige14 @ usa 1
  • I am amazed !! with the lack of thought by some.
    Changes to looting well this will surely create more bullying by stronger players.
    GGE you are extremely close to loosing a lot of players.
    you are thinking of giving with one hand and taking away with the other?

    Boring repetitive events multitude of bugs... what more do your players (money earners) need to tell you????
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,834
    shutting down the loot farming thing is a no brainer, to me it should have been done well over 2 years ago. but better late then never.

    HOWEVER,  you have been perfectly happy to allow millions and millions of special res to be farmed often using multi accoutns .  if you are happy to allow this level of  res generation for such a long time then you need to replace this properly with something else.  IE you NEED to be able to allow the collection of similar amounts of res legitimatelly with out encouraging cheating.

    increasing res produced in buildign si a tiny step in the right direction,  you need to realise you have allowed MILLIONS of res to be gained every single day, you need to be able to allow players the same opportuity with other measures.   You need to make events give out the same amounts of res as the city event did you also need to fix the city event.

    Dont make the mistake of doing one without the other.  really all you will do if you dont is that you will make life so much harder for newer players and make it so much harder for them to ever  catch up which surely is the exact opposite of what you should be trying to achive.
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • CD1 (US1)CD1 (US1) Posts: 17
    edited 28.04.2017

    there are 3 main creative aspects of this game --- how u attack - how u defend - building commanders and casts ---attacking and defending are mostly routine especially in events

    firecast - actually this is a great equalizer for weaker players - weaker alliances - ppl who aren't on all day – those getting hit by the big boys 600 lvls above them  -  give it time and an effective offense against firecasts will likely develop - if not so what

    loot commanders – so what? ------ 1 less reason to have a bot - sounds like gge wants to increase resources so what's the problem - the additional res don't come from the other player – if one feels left out make one

    I don’t know how u ever eliminate multi accounts – how many ppl are gaming from the same household – husbands – wives – kids - roommates  -  and it is something that anyone can do so what is the basic unfair flaw – it would be nice 1 account per person – but how do u ever police that without excessive employee time and inconvenience to players – and I bet some bad determinations - please proceed carefully and fairly   - anyway 1 keeps me busy - but I'm sure there are a lot of folks here homebound - disabled - retired with no life - maybe they need 2 or 3 accts to keep busy -  or maybe a grandparent - grandkid  situation - try telling a grandkid they don't need their own account - actually how is this more unfair than a 5 or 6 wave castle lord hitting a much smaller player - as long as someone can only send x amount of troops I'm happy - maybe they have too many defenders but that's not too different than an alliance that supports

    if some gems are giving too much advantage then eliminate those gems – or make available some other way – change their stats – but please do not screw with the current basic gem system

    sure it's random luck which equipment and gems u get - as long as it is the same randomness for everyone - from there anyone can pursue any hero - equipment - gem combo they want - actually if gge wants to help - get rid of those useless gems in the rewards - when I make it through a monthly event I have earned a decent gem - not a lvl 10 secure storage – same for some of the equipment – some choice would be nice for some of these higher lvl rewards

    berimond – why not just have it more often – keep the 4 day events but also have a monthly that maybe alternates with storm – let us actually finish berimond

    I'm not a computer person - but if it is a big deal to delay rewards (troops and time bonuses) until the player logs on - then u need to focus and get busy --  this is one of the big problems in the game - can't u instead issue a certificate that can be redeemed whenever or like u do the blue gift boxes

    want to add some spice - have melee tools that equal range tools - seems like that would open a whole new door in tactics - or at least the opportunity for variety - almost everything now is a ranged attack

    iron is ridiculously scarce too – why isn’t iron production similar to the other kingdoms

    booster box at prime playing time - ?? – when’s that – there are a lot of graveyard folks around – which also brings up architect and researcher – rare during late night/early morning

    ruby prime time – why not just adjust your exchange rates

    rvs – the proposal just doesn’t sit right – there should be more available or reduce the # one can have in a kingdom – but giving – why not just give us all unlimited resources – storehouse auto refills – we don’t want that kind of free stuff – just a reasonable progression through the game

    it really seems like the dreamed up issues are from those that just don't want to do things (or can’t) - sorry if one doesn’t have the same time as others - nothing that gge does will change availability from rl or someone's motivation - don't hold it against those that have the time and motivation

    buying rubies - the select your gifts is great - but just to let u know - the only time I buy is with a ruby bonus of at least 100% and the select your own with vip stuff (can’t think of the last time I saw a 200% or 150%) – maybe a resource or tool one now and then - playing this game without vip time is like the dark ages

    unfortunately every time I buy I wonder if the game will be on tomorrow

    I believe my comments are coming from the middle - I'm not a daily serial looter but it's not the fault of others so don't penalize them --  I'm not a big spender - I can't like some of the folks - but I know without those spenders there is no game – so don’t penalize them

    I think u need to take your liberal ideas and open a conservation charity - this is a game - a war game - and there will be winners and losers  -  and strong and weak - just like life - a major unfair advantage in this game (under your control) is the difference spending creates - since I assume u want to stay in business I don't think that advantage will ever disappear - u can't make up for time online and effort no matter what u do - that's just the way it is – and u can’t make a 1 year player a 4 year player either

    Good luck with bot banning – a definite unfair advantage

    PLEASE listen to the replies here - overwhelming agreement from what I see

    btw - I'm getting screen lockup before every ad popup - 5 - 10 sec and this just started 2 or 3 days ago

    i'll close by repeating many many others  --  FIX WHAT U ALREADY HAVE - doesn't adding new stuff compound the problem

    Post edited by CD1 (US1) on
  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,723
    I agree with your change, lol 

    Manatee @ usa 1
    My ideal method of suicide: climbing Ultimo's ego and jumping to his IQ
  • Biggest issues for me in 4 years before retiring are 
    Increase equipment store by about 20 pages, revamp thorn, storm, and underworld to have sets on par with at least prince of thieves.
    Make at least 6 new sets with a proper range of traits, raise equipment limits where necessary, and don't comprise contemporary flank cy bonuses for battle coms/casts. 

    Encourage mixed sets, distribute red gear from high level towers,

    GGE have killed legendary gear, but can rebalance the old traits in new sets. 
    I wasted enough money on armor tools to see always the same results, 13k stopping a five wave or 23k stopping a 6 wave hit, very boring. 
    Bring back late detect! your best event coms have only 50-60% whereas standard event casts plus watchtowers have 150%, the target's blue horn pops up as you soon launching a 135% late hit for crying out loud. To fix this you'd either need to massively increase the gem and equipment bonus to easily reach 200% with a complete 9 piece com, or halve the value of the early detect bonus.



    Don't kill war loot bonus: most of the daily players who've been playing the last two years surely are on their way to max hall or complete by now, it will be faster for newer players to farm, earning king res from NPC loots unless sams give 5k iron a hit, or FI up to 20k oil and glass etc. 

    I'd expect most alliances to gain around ten level 70 farms a year as players quit, people in the lower alliances can be encouraged to learn war looting by bored top players visiting to increase competition. Without war looting I wonder how any team could possibly max bonuses on royal capitals?


    Phil and others suggest removing the bonus to reduce multi use, has anyone at GGE considered making all accounts change passwords regularly through the original owner’s email? This may help remove the multi players who have only been gifted gge accounts without the email address as well.

    I’d say at this stage it would be foolish to enable autolooting NPC as tedious as it is for genuine single account per server players. It would be good to randomise L90 camps for nomads/sams etc. 

    Definitely expand the rewards given to top 100 for events and seasons. More players need minimum 80 cy 30 flank coms, when facing kalas, a mid level player would be more motivated with an 100cy 40 flank. Let top players buy gems for 150% cy 50 flank coms, that would be a very small percentage of the player base. If a person wants to be never attacked that badly and only see open gate/fire casts from password sharing, let them spend the money.

    I cannot see gge effectively cancelling the eagle/elemental gems without full refunds, they did not refund me for wasting 500k on 3 pieces of the executioner set back in the day, then only offering me highlander gear from then on instead of the breastplate lol.

    Either raise the hall level to allow players to max both attack and defence, or allow coin switching of points. It is possible to win a defence with 500 on wall, but not decisively without help from the hall.

    veteran of four years, retired
  • Nice to see my name with the big guns
    What did I do this time...?  It's rarely ever good when my name gets mentioned on the forum.
    Atticus Finger @ usa 1
  • @Atticus Finger (US1) Atticus, get off the forums, my mom is waiting for you!
    Lige14 @ usa 1
  • Please do seriously consider Morentz's suggestions. When looking at the roundtable summary I thought some of it was alright and could be interesting, some of it more meh. Looking at his, however, as I read them I thought that every single one of them would significantly increase the quality of gameplay and make things more enjoyable, and most don't seem to be huge changes either. I would especially like the ruby spending confirmation buttons, since as a non-ruby player it is incredibly painful to have a misclick waste thousands of rubies, and it makes me even less likely to buy because I don't want to have the possibility of real money going down the drain like that. One thing that I would add to his suggestions is that being able to sell equipment straight from the smithy would be nice, since it's all organized and aggregated there and it's easier to see what you don't want and would like to sell.

    Maybe you could focus for a bit on some smaller quality of life updates rather than trying to overhaul game mechanics for balance changes. Try to improve and clean up the base game that you have developed rather than piling more and more stuff on top that often seems to cause more problems.

    Thank you
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