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  • Is there anybody out there? the silent treatment again, so how do i get the rewards ive missed out on GGE, oh hang on its not the weekend is it? damb cant use that excuse, go like this i think, quick get it up again they wont notice and if they do just let them post in the forum we dont care, let em buy them tools and specials thats all that matters, they can go to support and wait for days or weeks to sort out what they lost, got to keep that coin coming in no matter what, and moderators head the for the hills, tell them nothing, we have no clue, to technical for us, think its time to go back to the drawing board gge, as what your doing isnt working
  • Foz (GB1)Foz (GB1) GB1 Posts: 39
    Oh and its still not fixed

    Said in the menu i had to start again with the rewards. Hit my forst one, had a look and still loads of rewards ticked


    Foz @ en 1
  • reblousou (GB1)reblousou (GB1) GB1 Posts: 150
    edited 27.03.2017


    @rainbow brite

    GGE communication is the key here,

    many of us are so used to the glitches that we actually run with them and choose to continue playing the game, its not pleasant but it is the way it is, we find ways around the glitches or we work on the expectation that you will find a solution for them or at least communicate your progress to us your customer base.

    i'm a very patient person that has spent many years playing and for the most part enjoying this game, I am usually able to find the glass half full response that helps to calm my alliance when the big glitches hit us and I don't choose to run straight into "gge bashing mode" but......................... today is actually the straw that's breaking the camels back........... communication to your customer base should be a simple thing but clearly its not.... we don't expect instant answers or instant fixes we're not that optimistic but. being kept informed of what you can or even cannot do and why your doing it would really help with the mood across the server.

    Giving your customers the silent treatment when a crisis hits is not going to increase profit margins, feeling like your talking to a brick wall by using the only real method of communication you've left open to us is not conducive to maintaining your client base.  Many of us have kept the faith for many years for a variety of reasons we've kept on playing but its getting harder and harder to find those reasons when faced with silence.

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    Leader of The Wanderers
  • reblousou (GB1)reblousou (GB1) GB1 Posts: 150
    edited 27.03.2017


    Ang I've just read your end of office hours announcement regarding nomads, I think you need to check in game as you seem to be implying the problem has been solved, It clearly hasn't, rewards on individual nomads are still not matching the points gained by individual players.......much the same as it was when they first arrived this morning.

    and none of your late in the day announcement explains why we've had no information from gge since this morning.

    apologies Ang it seems a full cache clearance and flashplayer restart brings the fix into action, but hey just another reason why gge should have been communicating with its customers throughout the day to keep us up to date lol

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    Leader of The Wanderers
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,702
    just logging in after a day hard work,   when nomads started mondaymorning i always hurry to make all 4 level 90 . :)   yes i did it. and guess  i was on reward page 2.  then they vanished .

    no i see that they are back. at level 81 :( rewards gone .

    and not a single word from GGE maby they also get tired of apologizing the last year .

    if this will,go on ................................will GGE still here in 2018??????
    flug @ nl 1
  • I have had no problem with vanishing Nomad Tents on the US1 Server. Maybe not every server is experiencing this.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,702
    I have had no problem with vanishing Nomad Tents on the US1 Server. Maybe not every server is experiencing this.
    there are several us1 players with the same problem yesterday, so you are a lucky player :)
    flug @ nl 1

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