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Every single esionage failing. (Is this a glitch?)

I am a level 24 NEWBIE.
So I am not fully sure if this is a glitch.

If it's not a glitch,
What is it????

Ok just to clarify,
I espionaged with 6 agents a ROBBER BARON which gave me 6% chance to fail
For 20times.

And ALL 20times failed!!
The chance of this happening is nil!

My espionagas started failing since yesterday.

I play on the international 1 server,
My name is DarkFate.

Pls help.


  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,993
    Bad luck. :|
  • I also experienced the same in the past, when i was trying to complete the daily tasks.

    You know what i did??
    I changed the target...and it worked... :grin:

    try it, you'll not regret... :naughty:
    Life is like a GAME, Enjoy it WHILE YOU CAN!!! >:) 
    O===][::::::::::::::::::> KING jaja  <:::::::::::::::::::][===O

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